Rick @ ‘El Credito’ - an audience full of my fellow Latinos

What it’s about?

When a banker refuses to extend a loan to a customer, the prospective client threatens to sleep with the guy’s wife.

My experience.

First off, I was digging the vibe in this theatre: Repertorio Español.

It was nice, not too crowded, and the seating was comfortable. The audience was full of my fellow Latinos, so I couldn’t help but feel at home. This show was completely in Spanish and I wasn’t sure that I’d get all the jokes. I do speak Spanish, but my vocabulary isn’t as extensive as it is in English. Plus, people from different Spanish-speaking countries have different expressions/phrases. Happily, an English translation was available on little screens in front of every seat. That made it easy to identify any words I didn’t know. I didn’t use it much, but it was helpful.

Now I will say if you don’t know Spanish, then the show really won’t be as funny if you read the subtitles. Why? Because that translation really doesn’t give the same feel or evoke the same tone/expression as the spoken dialogue. You’ll still understand and get the gist of the show, but it’ll be like you’re reading a play versus experiencing one.

Anyway, back to the historia (story).

The idea that another man would actually threaten to fuck (follar in Spanish) a man’s wife because he didn’t give him a loan KILLED me. That is RIDICULOUS. The dialogue between the customer and the banker was so crazy, but also showed me what happens when you say sh*t like that to a man with a fragile ego (the banker) versus one who would punch you in the face (aka any other person).

For all those who like the show Friends, the customer really reminded me of Joey in terms of his swagger, smoothness and hilarity. So yeah, imagine Joey from friends, but I guess just threatening to fuck your wife (or partner). LOL. Oh, the banker’s wife? She is a G. Not only is she funny without actually doing much, but she really kinda sucked in the most humorous way possible.

Lastly, I bet you’ll never guess the ending. I didn’t.

This show was such a perfect example of the fragility of one man’s ego and the obvious insecurity within his relationship. It was actually kind of sad, but funny at his expense. It made me have an internal rant about finding inner confidence and proclaiming that men, or rather people, have to stop “pretending” to be confident and actually just work on what it means to truly be so.

None of that machismo (sexist) shit.

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