POST: 'Replay' - Our parents won't always be here

What's it about

A young woman coming to terms with death of her brother by suicide. She can't think why her energetic brother can do such a thing to himself and most importantly to her. 

My experience.

This was small in terms of cast and theatre. Thank goodness it was open seating, because I went straight to the corner. But I chose the wrong seat because the light was constantly beaming on my head.

W, as she is known in the play, is a police officer in England. To be honest I do not know what to call the place where they speak "true English". I contemplate between saying Great Britain, London, and England. I should just stick to saying where queen Elizabeth lives.

When I realized W was a police officer, I mentally screamed 'WOMEN EMPOWERMENT'. Ironically as I was heading to the E59E Theatre, I was listening to Drake new song "Nice for What". The beat and what the lyrics spoke volumes to me because here you have a song that's not plagued by curse words, strippers, and drugs but women empowerment. But don't get me started about the cast in the video, which is phenomenal. Anyway, back to W, it is rare to see a women in uniform in respects to law enforcement. It is a common thought that law enforcement is a field for men and harbors mostly men. So, W is changing that. 

Though her brother had passed when she was a little girl, she never forgave him for leaving her. I mean she had the perfect brother and sister dynamic. Having someone to lean on when your down and help you celebrate your accomplishments is a great feeling. Though me and my siblings don't have a perfect sibling dynamic we do know we have each other to lean on no matter what. Our parents won't always be here forever, but we will have each other until the end. Though someone may seem alright on the outside, who knows what is truly going on inside. That is the case for many people who commit suicide and leave no clues for the families to know why. It hurts for parents to not know what was going on with their child before such an act, because ultimately their job is to always protect their own. Jamie left no reason as to why he took his own life and W is struggling with that.

A call to a death in a household resulted in W showing up with her partner to investigate. It was like deja vu all over again for her. The gentleman killed himself in the same fashion as Jamie and his daughter was downstairs when he did it. Unfortunately W had to let the little girl know that her dad was dead but before that she barfed up her entire stomach. 
She saw herself in that little girl so much to the point she could not face her. But eventually she had the courage to and told the little girl that though her dad is gone never forget him. The little girl responded that she will never forget him because he was and will always be her bestfriend. Jamie will always be W best friend and in that she finally received closure after hovering so much animosity for her brother. I don't think we will ever understand someone 100% because only they can. I accept that only me can truly know me, not my mom, sisters, or dad. That is the amazing thing about human beings. 

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