POST: 'Red Roses, Green Gold' - It was so weird

What's it about?

"Red Roses, Green Gold" uses the classic and awesome music of the Grateful Dead ( 1960's rock band) to tell the story of a family struggling to keep both their home and sanity as everything surrounding their old-timey western salon seems to crumble.

What I experienced:

So picture this: it's a random Friday in November and you wake up knowing you don't have to work or go to class or anything of the sort. You don't even have assignments due. All you have to do is see a show about one of your favorite classic rock bands. I was pretty excited about seeing the show, I mean, in high school I had gone through the whole "I love classic rock" phase, so I figured a Broadway show about a band like that would be great.

And then I got there...

As soon as I walked in, I knew that this was going to something I wasn't expecting. The entire set was decorated like an old-timey western movie. There were signs that said "saloon" and like "see pictures only 5 cents". Literally nothing had to do with rock and roll or even 1960s related anything. I was so confused. Then the show started and the characters came out dressed like they were members of the original cast of "Little House on the Prairie" and the "Brady Bunch". Like the character "Bertha" looked like both a saloon owner and a hippie. Then, they had one guy that was dressed like Patrick Stump, but like "cowboy-ified" ? It was so weird.

It's like a lot of the plot was made JUST so they could use the songs. It was all pretty forced, like the whole love story between Bertha and Mick seemed like it was only put in, just so they could use the song "Bertha". It wasn't even useful to the story as a whole. But, once I got past the awkwardly placed rock/blues musical numbers and the fact that the entire show had absolutely nothing to do with the Grateful Dead, it was actually super fun. It was like a concert kind of, but also kind of not?

I think most people, if not everyone, came for the music. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the songs, the play would’ve been boring. Nothing was actually original. It was a bunch of the same old stories we’ve heard before. There was this whole rebellious son trope and the, “Son, I used to be just like you, I guess we aren’t so different from each other”, cliche storyline, and the must needed, “villains of the western bandit because this is a western of some sorts”, thing going on too.

And *spoiler alert,* even when the dad died, it was really obvious...

The best part of the entire show, in my opinion, were the old couples in the audience with me like reliving their teen years through the music. They were like in their own little world with each other, and I felt like an overseer, but like in the best way possible. It's like when I watch my grandpa listen to his old music and he gets so happy. Cutest.Thing.Ever.  

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