post: 'Randy Writes a Novel' - I was going to make up an entire new identity

What it's about?

A purple puppet that can do much more than just talk. Randy supposedly wrote a novel that has a little bit of everything, from his life to his opinions about cattle in America. The interaction between the audience and him is crucial.

My experience.

I'm not a big fan when it comes to puppets, but I am amazed by the person playing the puppet. The voice over and movement was so precise, it felt like the puppet was actually real. 

I did not know what to expect from this show. I was a little late but I guess that did not matter because it was only fifteen people in the audience. I guess you can say it was an intimate show. But as soon as it started, I could sense it was not scripted. Meaning Randy (the puppet) must go off of how the audience reacts to him. As soon as I realized that, I knew it will go down hill from here. The audience was very dull and hesitant to speak, including me. Of course there are always one or two people that's extremely loud and had the personality to match it. But that can be annoying if they are the only ones responding to Randy's questions, comments, and jokes. Soon the audience began to loosen up, but not as much as Randy would have liked. 

We only knew of his displeasure with the audience because he said that we suck, which was true. It's hard to perform entirely based off of the mood of the audience. I hesitated to scream out an answer to one of his many questions. That is because if you do choose to answer you must provide your name, occupation, and hometown. I don't necessarily think I was ready for that. To be honest I was going to make up an entire new identity.

For example my name will be Pepper, being a student is my job, and I'm from Boston. Though that answer is sort of true, I was too scared. But the brave ones that chose to answer were not ready. One man named Paul had to teach the entire audience to do a common yoga pose, downward dog. That is because Paul told Randy that he is a private yoga instructor that goes to people's homes for private lessons. From that information Randy suggested that Paul is a rich guy that performs a job you can simply do on your own by looking it up on YouTube, which is true. For some reason I do not consider yoga instructor to be an ideal profession, let alone profitable, but boy was I wrong. 

The interesting jobs that result in money making professions is quite fascinating and envious for me. Randy at times received a lot of "ooooos" and "awwws" - more conflicted and confused about laughing or not. He said things that was surprising to our ears such as laughing about suicide, the unfortunate death of a guy that was murdered in a forest fire, and how the U.S. cattle produces the most cattle waste in the entire world. Though comedy is not supposed to be taken seriously, some people are just not prepared for the intensity of the material being talked about. I believe comedians should not be censored because of their material,  it is ultimately their job to entertain us. They are human beings but with a huge sense of humor compared to the average individual. 

There were times that Randy's jokes were dull and resulted in me yawning. But all in all, it was a show whose one and only character was amazingly flexible for a puppet.

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