POST: 'The Low Road' - Ambition can be a good or bad thing

What it's about.

A satire on the free-market set in the 18th century and present-day, narrated by Adam Smith.

My experience.

This was my first time going to the The Public Theater and I was soooo excited! The last time I recall feeling this excited was when I was eight sitting in the backseat of a car on the way to an amusement park. I was Spongebob in Glove World! 


And now onto the show…

The show starts and I’m confused by the fact that the lights weren’t turned off. “Omg, are they gonna be on the whole time?” I thought to myself. Then, behold, Daniel Davis steps on stage. Niles from The Nanny, anyone?

....Except now he’s not playing Mr. Sheffield’s butler; he is Adam Smith. And if I recall correctly my global history class sophomore year, Adam Smith was a economist/philosopher who wrote the book The Wealth of Nations...AKA the guide to Capitalism. Smith addresses us (the audience) as if we were students in a lecture hall, and eventually asks someone to finally dim the lights.

There were multiple instances like these, in which the characters were on stage and would engage with the audience. I thought this was really cool, cause it was like I was a part of the world of the play.


Adam Smith narrates the tale of a young lad named Trewitt. Jim Trewitt. SPOILER ALERT: JIM TREWITT IS LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON EVER.

8 year old Trewitt meets a young Adam Smith way back in the 18th century when he makes a pit stop at the Trewitt family business, a brothel, run by Trewitt’s mom. It’s here that Trewitt reads some of Adam Smith’s writings on "free market". Well, let's just say that these writings become the bible to Trewitt. And so, he follows every word to the T. 

Jim Trewitt has a stick up his arse. He's that kid in class who reminds the teacher to collect the homework. 

I have never hated a character quite like I hated Trewitt, and throughout the whole show (3 hrs) I was awaiting his demise.


Because this play was a satire, most of it is poking fun at the free market system which dominates the US and most of the world today. It brings to light the darkness of the system, in a light and comical way. As much as I hated Trewitt  (I HATE HIM!), I enjoyed watching his journey and encounter with all these bizarre characters, such as a masked figure who robs Trewitt at gunpoint and makes him strip naked....

In the end, TREWITT DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Never have I laughed so hard upon the death of a character. The ironic circumstances surrounding his death were what made it so comical: He is killed by, wait for it... “AN INVISIBLE HAND!” VERY PUNNY. 


I see what you did there Mr. Playwright!

Ambition can be a good or bad thing. Sometimes someone can truly let their ambitions get the best of them, causing them to lose their sense of morality (if they ever even had one).

Advice: Don't be a Jim Trewitt. 

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