What's it about?

Broad Comedy is an all female (get it? cause they're broads? šŸ˜‚) variety show, featuring original comedic songs and skits, that tackles what it's like to live in America today as a woman. 

What I experienced:

The show opened with Katie Goodman leading a sing-a-long titled, "I Didn't F*ck It Up," referring to the current time we live in as the thing that's f*cked up. I knew I was laughing because a truth had been spoken, well, in this case, sung, and it was one of those uncomfortable truths that made me alternate between smiling and cringing.

I think we all feel like whatever is wrong with the time we're living in (and there's a lot) isn't directly our fault. But then whose fault is it? And more importantly, if we can all agree that we're living in a f*cked up time, then how do we unf*ck it up?

Katie sure knew her audience, performing feminist material for a theatre full of liberals in New York City. We were ALL on her team, and it was just plain nice to see an entire show hilariously putting my deeply held beliefs to song, dance, and MORE.

One of my favorite numbers was a song literally called "Boobs Look Funny When You're Having Sex," featuring the female ensemble and Katie dancing around in giant boob costumes. It wasn't even political, or deep, and what made it better was that I wasn't even expecting it.

Katie did include a tender and honest piece about her relationship with her now teenage son that made me involuntarily tear up. She sat at the piano, singing about the difficulties of raising a young boy, often going into the disgusting details of things (unnaturally early wake-ups, washing your children's butts, bedtime routines like something out of a nightmare, etc.) to my enjoyment. But the song ended on a heartbreaking note when she wrote of him getting accepted to college, thanking her and her husband for all they had done for him, and then promising to visit them at Christmas. Harsh...

Katie selected a random woman in the front row, and asked her how her Instagram account was doing, to which she replied, "Struggling." Katie then invited her up on stage for a photo op with the boobs, encouraging us all to take out our phones, snap a picture, and then tag the woman on Instagram along with Broad Comedy. Her Instagram handle? kelsiuscelcius

I was surprised at how easy it was for me to find her, and even more surprised that my misspelling of the word "Celsius" was actually the way Kelsey had it listed in her handle. In any case, Kelsey and I now follow each other on Instagram, and of course I wasted no time in posting the picture I had taken and tagging her.


She not only "liked" it, but she borrowed my shot for her own Instagram post, including one of her father wearing a penis on his head in the same album.


And I felt like making friends (even if only on Instagram) with a total stranger I shared an audience with at the theatre was a good thing. If more people were as open-minded and welcoming to people that they didn't know, the present world would be a better place. It wouldn't be completely unf*cked up, that's for sure, but it would be a start. And honestly, if there are any people that are up to the task, it's women. 

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