POST: 'The Bedbug' - I don’t know wtf I just saw.

So this wasn’t the depressing Russian play that I was expecting. That may come as a relief to literally anybody else besides me, because I love me a good " love isn’t real and humanity sucks " story to lead me into the hell that are Mondays.

Alas I got some unexpected memories of high school rehearsals. Like those memories that I really would have been happy to just suppress for the next 10 years, but I guess 4 years after high school is close enough. I don’t know wtf I just saw. Like:

Storyline: what is that and was that ever real in terms of this play?

Characters (actors? Idk honestly): Basically all the the most over the top kids that every high school audition has. Just extra af

The story itself is still unknown to me, but google says, «  blah » . But what I saw was like a charades version of that. But just a little less fun....this feels a bit harsh. But I was kinda (a lot) distracted during this. But hear me out! It wasn’t all me!

This might as well be the play that goes wrong cause fuck did shit go wrong. The damn curtain rips open after one of the actors got his foot twisted in the freakin’ curtain. Then there was the failed cloth signs that were supposed to tell me how much time had gone by after the first act, but of course the sign with the number of years collapses and not the « years later » part. I almost choked just from laughing at how down hill things were going. At one point, one the actresses caught me looking at her through the ripped curtain (cause why tf wouldn’t I look - It was way more interesting than what was happening on stage- anyway, she gave me one of these:


Fucking MOOD.

Dude, sometimes shit just doesn’t work out, ya know?