POST: 'Assembled Identity' - basically a Lil’ Dicky song

What's it about

Two sisters walk into a Eugenics facility...

My experience.

Before we get into this, I just need to say this for the hundredth time. Box offices, you need to be more patient. Tickets aren't always purchased by the person seeing the show! Meaning, it’s not always under their name or also it can be a glitch - I know crazy concept. Point is, be patient if the person doesn’t know the information, because you very well could be putting off a future member of your “club”.

Rant over. On with the show.

What even are we? Ok, that was abrupt, sorry. 

This show is the kinda thing that happens every time you think really hard about that ONE depressing thing i.e. me every time I have 10 mins to the fact that the San Andreas Fault has been due to crack open and swallow the earth for the last 100 years, the Sun can explode at any minute, pigs get depression (WTF), dogs get CANCER, but at least you aren't living completely alone on Mars like the Mars Rover - and have to sing yourself happy birthday every year :(

And I don’t even wanna thinnk about the identity crisis that is having a twin. I mean wtf? Way to go Universe, you really fuck me up with that one. Aside from this show basically being a Lil’ Dicky song:

It’s also unexpectedly an interesting way of showing how swept we’ve become in science. I mean we trust a line of code to tell us if we are related to the hell? And while science has created things like genetic engineering and cancer treatments (granted it's radiation), let’s not forget it also made shit like Eugenics which justified things like slavery and the Holocaust. 

This show is almost is like a metaphor for my entire school semester. The insane combination of taking a Kafkaesque class (which like what?), psychiatry of madness, French language and lit (apparently I never realized how racist France can be) and fuckin’ math ( I mean it’s math, what more can I say) has led me into the realization that life itself is utterly absurd. What’s weird is I am kinda completely okay with that.

Call me, Kafka.

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