POST: 'Porto' - I am an optimist

What it's about.

PORTO over analyzes every situation at the bar she is always at, she does not know how to enjoy the present moment or the people in her life. 

My Experience.

With every play I come across, I enter the theater expecting to experience something out of the ordinary - not someone's daily thoughts and routine.  Because routine is usually boring. Yet, this is what PORTO brought to the table. The constant focus on the unimportant aspects of life, on what people think, on how we look, on what we eat, and the overall aesthetic appeal of everything. I was unable stop myself from thinking how pointless it was to focus on a person's daily life. 

This play seemed boring in my mind...until I thought about it, and realized that this play was a mirror reflection of most people's lives, of how our focus is on the minuscule moments, and hardly ever the bigger picture.  When doing so, people don't have higher aspirations and goals for themselves, and that leads them to settle for a life that they are not completely satisfied with. 
So yes, that's the outcome of only focusing on what other people think, of whether it is okay for Porto to eat dinner alone at the bar, of whether Hennepin should be embarrassed with what he ordered at the is any of this important in the long run?
It isn't, and that is what this play portrayed, the constant focus on the pointless aspects of their lives, and since this is their main focus, they do not see it as I see it, that the truly important aspects of their lives are neglected - like overall happiness. 

When Porto burst out by saying "I am a pessimist!" everything clicked. She never let herself believe that having a good time with a stranger could ever lead to anything more, that she doesn't know how to deal with romance or be happy.  That this step is too major for someone who is so use to focusing on the micro instead of the macro.  
Finally understanding Porto's dilemma made me sympathize with her - especially since I am an optimist. 
I see every situation I'm in as an opportunity, and every person I meet as a chance to learn and experience something great. Yet for Porto to fear new experiences and automatically deem them as having a negative outcome makes her unable to experience anything great.  Makes her unable to let herself enjoy the greater picture life has to offer. 

The sad realization at the end of the play was that Porto will probably never progress or overcome her fears as she is not willing to get out of her comfort zone.  And this generation will never progress if we don't get out of ours. 

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