Houssaynatou @ 'Popcorn Falls' - a hopeless battle for all of us

What’s it about:

A small town in despair due to lack of funding, but I am too tired to see the entire show.

My experience.

I was already exhausted after waking up at 5 am this morning, going to work, afterwards going to school, and finally going to the show. I was quite nervous that I might not have the energy to go to the show, but your girl pulled through.

I'm the type of person that ensures that once I commit to something, I will put 100% effort into it. I had a feeling the show was going to have a small turnout, so what that meant to me was that I will be able to switch seats easily. I was originally at the end of the row and when that happens, I know I would have to get up constantly to let other people into the row. I was honestly preparing myself to fall asleep if this play wasn’t gonna keep me awake. I think I know myself too well, so I quickly approached the house manager to switch my seat to the closest one next to the exit. So if I did dose off, it will be a sign for me to leave without making a scene.

Ironically, one of the staff members was sensing that I will leave soon because I kept on rearranging my bags. As soon as I got up, he had the flashlight already pointed to the stairs and positioned it near the exit. I left 40 minutes before the show was scheduled to end.

This is what I got:

Popcorn Falls is a small town, somewhere in America. With a catchy name like that I would be curious to know if it lives up to its name. This town’s residents prefer to be called kernels, lol.

Newly elected mayor wants to revamp the town, but has no money. So, he can't. The only person that has the ability to revamp is an owner of a private company. The company and Popcorn Falls have history - bad history. The town has been used and abused by this company by purposely limiting their water access. Sometimes I think about how gutless you have to be to destroy a human being’s life to protect your reputation. But I guess this is what the world of business works has come to.

And this exactly why I couldn’t help but think of where America currently finds itself at. We do have people fighting back but sometimes it can feel like we are fighting a hopeless battle.

Since I left early, I’d like to assume that the play ended with the townspeople coming together and putting on a great play under the guidance of the mayor. Hopefully the company owner thought that as well and in return restored the access to water and bailed out the town from its financial woes. The fact that people (dictators, presidents, politicians, etc.) have the power to dictate the lives of others is absolutely crazy. Thinking they’ll use it for good is honestly too hopeful of a thought.

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