Kory @ 'Police Cops in Space' - the perfect mixture

What's it about?

A cop, an alien fighter pilot, and a cyborg all team up to solve a murder mystery on their journey to become the top cops in SPACE!

My experience.

Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's your boy Kory finally back from the ever difficult journey we like to call "college". After a couple of months, I'm glad to be back and letting you guys get all the details on some amazing shows. 

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Editor's Note (Christine): I'm sorry. Am I the only one who heard the typical DJ "pupowww" sound?

You know when they say things come full circle eventually? Well this show definitely did that for me. Come September, I'd have been writing with PxP for two years now. In honor of that, I find it pretty nostalgic that I returned to 59E59 for another show centered around space when my first show was almost the same. Bears in Space had me rolling all over the floor back in 2016 for those who remember...

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So naturally, I was pretty excited after the first show I went to exceeded literally all of my expectations. 

Gladly, I can say that after two years I definitely was not disappointed. Ironically even though the names are similar, the shows and cast don't have much connection besides both being based in the U.K. Regardless, that didn't change the fact that Police Cops delivered gut wrenching comedy. I fully acknowledge that it takes talent to make comedy out of a plot that seems like a murder mystery/redemption story, but somehow these guys did it. Sammy Johnson, our last police cop, sets on this journey to find his father's killer, and earn the title of "Best Police Cop in Space" alongside Ranger, an alien fighter pilot, and cyborg C9, I tailed these guys on an adventure that not only kept me on the edge of my seat with action, but kinda made me emotionally attached to these guys as well. No matter how tough or comical, plays that give you characters to connect with are usually my kryptonite. Not that there's anything wrong with getting emotionally attached to a play that isn't intended to get you emotionally attached (Yes I am a man who admits he has emotions). But it feels good to see a show that gets you so enticed in what's being shown. 

Because of this, I actually credit Police Cops in Space A LOT for reminding me what it's like to see a good show and forget about your troubles for a bit. Like I mentioned earlier, it's been a couple of months since I've seen my last show through PXP, but I guess that's also what made this show that much more enjoyable. I like to take lessons away from everything I see. Now even though I may not have taken away anything specific from the show itself, it reminded me fully that it's important to go out and enjoy yourself. A laugh here, some edge of your seat drama there, makes for the perfect mixture of enjoyment. 

Also speaking of mixtures, shoutout to the bartender that told me they couldn't serve me a drink six days before my 21st birthday. You may have followed the law, but I will definitely will be back in a matter of 1-56 weeks. 


Bottom line is, go out and see this show guys (or just a show). As any other young adult, I'm big on things that can take us away from the daily struggle of life. Police Cops in Space did that and more for me.


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