POST: 'Party Face' - "once a cheater, always a cheater"

What it's about.

Party Face is a comedy centered around a woman and her mother. Though she is grown, her mother thinks of her as a clueless little girl. She must prove herself to her mother that she is indeed an adult. But, the proving part will be a struggle. 

My experience.

Once I found my seat and sat down, I realized the people in my row and below my row had notepads and pens. I was sitting next to the employees of City Center, whose jobs were apparently to watch the show that night and see what changes needed to be made.

Party Face is an Irish show written and acted by Irish people. I tended to think Irish and British people sound the same, but boy was I was wrong. The Irish have a way of pronouncing their "r".

Mollie's mother, Carmel, is a sassy older woman that has a great sense of style. She looked at least 70 years old, but worked the room as if she was a runway model. I hope to be that stylish and youthful when I am at that age. At times people think once you age you lose your streak such as style, looks, and personality. But we are in the 21st century, therefore 40 year olds are the new 20 year olds and plastic surgery is at an all time high. I believe in aging gracefully and letting mother nature do her job. There is no need to alter what you came into this world with. But of course what comes with age is in denial, and Carmel sure was. But, Mollie is not what her mother wants her to be. So instead of being a married woman to a handsome man with children and a beautiful house - she is the opposite. She is currently separated from her husband (who Carmel does not know) and has no children, but lives in a beautiful house. She is comfortable with that, but her mother does not understand why. 

What Carmel wants Mollie to be is embodied in Chloe, Mollie's childhood friend. Chloe seems to have a perfect life, but of course no one has a perfect life. Soon, we find out that Chloe is hiding something that no one ever guessed. Chloe is cheating on her husband. But when she was confronted, she was not ashamed. Instead, she was proud of herself. How in the world can you cheat on someone and be proud of it?! If you are truly looking to get out of a relationship, let your partner know and than cheat. But leaving your partner in the dark while you go around sleeping with everyone is not right and is utterly disgusting. I believe in the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater". Cheating in general is offensive and if you choose to go down that route make sure not to drag the ones you love down with you. 

Mollie was shocked, but not surprised. She had a problem of her own to worry about because she had just recently experienced a nervous breakdown and was eventually admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Carmel refused to acknowledge that her daughter needed help, because she was in denial. Her denial stemmed from a son she had lost to mental illness before Mollie was born. Failure to acknowledge a painful past will prevent you from living life peacefully because you harbor something bad. 

Mollie never knew why her mother was always in denial regarding her mental illness, but now she knows. And at the very end for the first time ever, Carmel talked about the son she lost. Unfortunately, she had a bit of alcohol in her system that prompted her to speak, but I guess that is what booze is meant to do. 

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