Marisol @ 'Paradise Blue' -

What's it about?

A troubled young Trumpet player in Detroit struggles between staying in his small town with his lover or moving away and escaping from all of his problems. 

My experience.

I am not going to lie, I went into this show a bit out of it. I had a long week and was just over all exhausted. I had a lot going on but it had been so long that I had actually seen a show that I was just SO excited and

There was talk about gentrification, feminism, staying true to your roots, and mental health. Basically, Blue, the owner of the Jazz Club Paradise, was struggling to decide if he would keep the club or sell it to the big companies who were gentrifying. The reason why Blue wanted to leave the club itself is pretty deep. *trigger warning* When he was younger, his father who was also a trumpet player, was so hard on himself about hitting the perfect set of notes that he went mad and even killed Blue's mom. 

Really, Blue's only support is Pumpkin, his partner. She is very kind and loves to care for others but it is not easy given that he lashes out at her physically. This entire relationship really got to me because when it comes to mental health, it is hard for both the person suffering from it as it is for those who care and want to help but can't. It was such a personal relationship that I felt you never really see anywhere because it has become taboo to talk about mental health and it's really not all that rare. People everyday suffer with some form of hardship which could be anxiety, depression, panic attacks, whatever it may be and they need to know that they are not alone and they can stay strong because it will get better. 

This show definitely doesn't have your conventional ending, because *SPOILER ALERT*, Pumpkin got so fed up with Blue that when he finally hits the notes he dreamed of, she says, "Yeah there won't be any pain for anyone anymore", and SHOOTS HIM!

I was shook and I was speechless like what just happened?!?!?!

I guess since it was the 1940's, she thought that was her only solution but damn, that was intense man! It really left me thinking about all of it! How the interactions with all of the characters were and even what would have happened in alternate situations.

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