Justin @ 'Our Lady of 121st Street' - Life doesn't really have main characters.

What's it about?

Old friends and strangers from the block reunite to say their farewells to the late Sister Rose. Of course, everyone is stuck waiting to say their farewells because Sister Rose's body has been stolen and no one knows where it might be. So everyone's got twenty-four hours to kill and no one wants to deal with the baggage.

My experience.

I went to see this show for two reasons. Firstly, it was a Stephen Adly Guirgis play I had never seen a production of. Secondly, what even drew my attention to it, was that Maki Borden was in it, playing Pinky. Maki is a dude who I followed closely at The Flea and Serials, and he's real good and pretty fucking hysterical, so I promised the man I would see it. 

There's something in particular I appreciate about this show. Something that gets me walking through the city, on my way home, late at night, and I'm happy to kind of ponder. 

Life doesn't really have main characters. Everyone's just kinda stuck, orbiting the same things they were always meant to orbit. Same people, same places, same personalities. And life's just messy. Not every good plot line actually resolves. Not resolves well or resolves bad, just sometimes they don't resolve at all. Not even "Sometimes there are no happy endings" like Batman taught us, but sometimes you have to live with the fact that there's no ending. 

Graduation season is already upon us and it's an odd thing to bring to the table, and I have always heard the expression that it isn't an end, it's a new beginning. What if it was neither, you know? What if it was just a continued experience. 

What struck me while watching the show was just how real it comes across, like truly real. I can't say anything actually happens during the play, nobody really moves forward from where they are, either because they're comfortable there or because moving's just too difficult. I graduate within two weeks and I certainly don't feel like I'm moving anywhere. As I wander through the city back towards home, I think about how I am sitting at a more or less infinite rest, ya feel me? 

There's something about these kinds of shows that hit the human experience almost too accurately. 

Get cha' wondering 'bout what's next.

Editor's note (Cheyanne): This month marks my one year post college graduation and I still don't know what's next. I totally feel ya, Justin.

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