Houssaynatou @ 'On A Clear Day You Can See Forever' - a bit of pizzazz

What it's about. 

A young woman with a special gift. A gift that takes a curious psychologist on a journey into her past lives.

My experience. 

From the title, I was expecting something very different from what I got. For some reason I had a feeling I was not going to like this show, and I was right.

Daisy Gamble - who is the main character, is trying to quit smoking in order to get a job at an organization that is strongly against smoking. Ironically, she got this job because she voiced how much she is against smoking and what it does to a person. So before she starts the job, she must stop smoking. But her struggle to do so is worrying her, so she seeks guidance from her two best friends.They advised her to visit this popular psychologist/hypnotist in town that is known for making people quit bad habits. I have been wanting to visit a hypnotist for the longest but I'm truly scared. I'm scared to find out what may be revealed while being hypnotized in addition to what my family might say. In my culture, hypnosis is considered extremely bad. Though we do practice different forms of witchcraft where I'm from, something like hypnosis is worse than witchcraft. To me, they're are all the same. 

Daisy's encounter with Dr. Bruckner will forever change the way she views her special gift. Her gift is she can see way into the past as if she lived different lives in different time periods. I wish I had that ability because I would have loved to see what life was truly like in the past. In one scene, Daisy became Melinda Welles of 18th century England, a daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Suddenly her 1960's Boston accent turned into a 18th century British accent. She described her life of heartache and adventure. I was so amused because she easily switched from one person to another with a snap of Dr. Bruckner fingers (she was under hypnosis). As his fascination began to grow of Daisy's special gift, he failed to realize that she was falling for him. All the time he was spending with her sent her a message that he was falling in love with her, but that was not the case. Dr. Bruckner was falling in love with her special gift and nothing else. That must be hard to wrap your head around - when you think something's special but was actually nothing. I have encountered that once or twice in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, I left during intermission. This two and a half hour show was not my cup of tea. I was having trouble trying to follow along with the play's plot. Everything was just all over the place. But I would assume that the play ended with Dr. Bruckner coming clean about his obsession over Daisy's gift. But it does not sit well with her because she thought she was falling in love with an unexpected encounter. Love can make you do crazy things, and for Daisy she delved into her gift just to satisfy Dr. Bruckner's curiosity. I would say this was a form of being taken advantage of but it could be interpreted differently. We are all crafted differently in order to add a bit of pizzazz to the world.



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