Justin @ 'Odysseus Tied to the Mast' - It couldn't have been over!

What's it about?

This play is a look into one of the many trials of the legendary hero Odysseus, where he ties himself to a pole so that he may hear but not be lured in by the treacherous death inducing songs of the Sirens.

My experience:

Odysseus Tied to the Mast is an immersive and mystical wonder which allowed me to participate in Odysseus' daring feats to hear the Sirens' song unscathed. The Sirens were described as creatures that gift you with the sound of the thing you most desire-- sounds pretty inviting, huh?

(Just ignore the fact that they'd kill you shortly after.)


As tempting as a most-desired-sound was to me, Odysseus explained that we must all be prepared and so he advised that we used the earplugs provided to us upon walking in so that we would be safe. I found this both funny and exciting; no play I'd ever been to had gone out of their way to protect me from the horrors of the plot! I couldn't help but release a giggle as I nudged the orange marshmallow-looking plugs into my ears.

This made the experience extra exciting as I looked and saw how fellow audience members all watched Odysseus' struggles with bright orange earplugs sticking out of their ears like little Shreks or Fionas. Imagine my surprise  when Odysseus finally reached the Sirens but, the play ended and I couldn't help but to feel as if there was an emptiness in the heart of adventure. I NEEDED to know if he'd escaped and I was eager to know more of his struggle. It couldn't have been over!


To my sheer excitement, I found that Odysseus Tied to the Mast is part of a multi-play series, which lures in audience members like the Sirens did Odysseus-- except instead of death, this series promises worthwhile live entertainment - something I hunger to see again! And that's something far more inviting than any Siren's song.


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