Post: 'Naked Boys Singing' - My mom is not a regular mom she's a cool mom!

What it's about. 

The play is basically what the name states. Fully naked boys singing songs. 

My experience.

Okay so this is so awkward for to write but whatever!! I will share like the open book I am. 

To give you a little back story. I talked to my mom about this show and we would say that we should go one day. At the Flea Market I surprisingly won two tickets! So me and my mom went. P.S. My mom is not a regular mom she's a cool mom! (YES this is a mean girls reference let me live sheesh) 

Anyway. I went to the theater and wasn't too worried. I figured that it was show so I wouldn't be seeing any body parts other than the behind.......... I WAS WRONG!!!! These 6 guys came out and bam! I definitely saw their birthday suits 0_0. It went from a regular show with my mom to basically a theater version of a bachelorette party hahaha. The guys were good looking but I was like in shock that this happened. They literally sang a song saying and I quote "this is the only show you won't need to guess what is underneath" hahaha. I had a good time and so did my mom. 

It was fairly short but the problem was that many women wouldn't put away their phones and they had to stop it and take phones away because of the men's privacy. It was annoying especially since they said to put away all phones many times and seriously?!! I was about to yell PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! GOOGLE PICTURES IF IT'S SO NECESSARY FOR YOU TO SEE!! Sorry I was SO annoyed by them. 

All in all the entire thing was so much fun and crazy so if you are into new experiences go for it! I promise you won't forget it. Please enjoy a photo of me and my mom with three of the actors.

mom and me show .jpeg

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