POST: 'Ms. Estrada' - I am no where close to being a woman, so I shouldn't overstep. 

What's it about? 

Liz Estrada is a new student to Acropolis University. When she discovers that the school is being infected by the toxicity of the Greek Games, she assembles her fellow students to fight back the best way they can: Blueballing the jocks. Also it's a musical. 

My experience.

It would be out of my authority to say anything about this show being "empowering to women." If there is at least one thing that I feel important to take away from the show, I am not the person who should be saying anything about Ms. Estrada being a show about empowering women. The Flea Theater certainly pushes it as such. The show itself both sells itself on being empowering, while also calling itself out as possibly not being, while also being a big parody of all the ways media claims to make things empowered when it is not. 

I saw this show because, honestly, I have not missed a Flea show in basically 4 years, and I knew it was going to be a fun ride. And it absolutely is - immediate recommendation for anyone to see it. I've had the "You Find a Dick, and Then You Kick It in The Dick" song stuck in my head for a week now. But, I cannot speak to what the show is about, what it wants to be about, cause I am simply not the person who should be speaking about it, I feel. I am no where close to being a woman, so I shouldn't overstep. 

I know it is fun and funny as fuck though, and you should see it. I also know that this is the second show I've seen at The Flea's new upstairs theater, the first being Syncing Ink from a few months back. Both hiphop based shows, both featuring a live DJ handling the music. I wonder if this indicates a new pattern for how the Flea is handling their new theater. If so, absolutely cannot wait for the next one. 

What my garbage ass, English degree pursuing ass, head-looking ass was absolutely fascinated by was the way they handled adapting Lysistrata so directly into a modern, university setting, while still keeping The Flea's chaotic, wild aesthetic. Notable examples I really wanna talk about are The Chorus and the Deus Ex Machina. The Chorus gets some of the most fun portions of this show, being an actual news team summarizing the off-screen events. They are also deeply involved in the story and the sex strike and they're just fucking priceless. Sparta 7 News is the best shit. 

And, I loved the DJ, our Deus Ex Machina for the show. Literally, they have this live DJ function as the God of everything. When something needs doing, like conveniently passing a set of keys to break into an office to Liz, the DJ-God handles it subtly. The DJ-God also does not takes sides, always getting super deep into whatever song she is playing, and it is always fun to glance up at the DJ and see what the fuck is happening right now. 

Ms. Estrada allowed me to sit back for about two hours and enjoy the fuck outta myself, see a fascinating adaptation of a classical Greek play that I only ever thought was kind of okay. It's fun as fuckshit, and I cannot recommend seeing it more. Make a double feature outta it and Locked Up Bitches, start your weekend right at The Flea. 

Maybe you'll find something empowering about it. Maybe you'll be offended. Maybe you'll just enjoy, like me, and know you don't have a spot discussing it in an empowered way. Maybe you'll be inspired by what this show has to say.

Maybe you'll just laugh when you meet Ms. Stiffcock for the first time. #RingDingDong

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