POST: 'Miss You Like Hell' - the wall seems to get more coverage than the people who it’s dividing.

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A mother-daughter relationship finally begins to repair itself, but now a wall threatens to divide them. 

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It’s like for a second you think Trump can’t get any worse and then you realize just how shitty he’s really being with all this wall nonsense.

But this story isn’t just about this wall, cause it seems whether we like it or not, the wall seems to get more coverage than the people who it’s dividing. This story is about them. In particular, what the wall robs families of.

My mother is an immigrant, but from the moment I was born, I never really worried about her being taken away from me because I never thought of the logistics of being in the U.S. as a person from another country. By the time I was 11-12, my mum was already getting all her paper work done and by the time I actually realized that me being born here gave me privileges different to hers, she was already a U.S. citizen. The point is I’ve never really worried about being apart from her. Yet, it seems like everyone can “relate” to what these families being ripped apart are going through but I’m not gonna bullshit about that cause the truth is I have no clue what that must be like.

But this feeling of having something caught in my throat that makes it hard to breathe isn’t hard to imagine as being 1% of the feeling that some other girl my age gets everyday she kisses her mum goodbye cause she’s scared it’s the last time she could see her.

Music to the Latin community isn’t just some little thing. Its become our way of making our mark in these huge American industries. Usually it’s our way of telling our story without being mocked for our parents “sob stories”, to be defined by what we make of ourselves in this country rather than who we were back home. So that’s why songs like “lioness” are especially important because a lot of these “foreigners” are using the language of the people who want them gone as a way of telling them why they are here in the first place, why they aren’t a danger, and why they aren’t these rapists and robbers their president says they are. And what seems most threatening that they’ve stopped being afraid of all those labels because growing up with all that working against them has made them warriors.

I think a lot of the people who protest against immigrants being in the country don’t consider the fact that a lot of them are escaping the negativity that might threaten them back home. This idea that they are already coming with some malicious intent is extremely inconsiderate to them. And news flash, a lot of the people I know that came over from another country actually thought of the U.S. as a temporary thing. Many of them - including my own mum- said 5 years tops and I’m back home with my savings and put my own business back home. But then things like me and my brother happen and then people like my mother feel obligated to stay here because she wants us to have a “real” chance at a better future.

Sometimes I like to ponder on what it would’ve have been like to have been born in a place other than America...

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