Mira @ 'Wild Goose Dreams' - even no notifications served as an answer

What’s It about?

Don’t know whether I’d say it was a love story,
some sort of social commentary
or an epic ass tragedy.

Either way it confuses you,
but in a good way.
I think.



pic of me

ft. judgmental wine sipper photobombing the livin’ hell out me

My experience.

Just a quick preface, before November 9, the day I actually saw the show, I convinced myself it was November 9 on that Thursday, which was November 8.

So I walk into the theatre all like, woo-hoo, here at this theatre doing my thing, bloop bloop and I go to will call, and I never know where will call is, so it's this damn guessing game of what line to get in, and I look like an idiot for sure, but ya know I have to embrace it at this point. Twenty years as me, I gotta just acknowledge how things just go hilariously wrong for me. I don’t know if it’s my luck, but damn I make myself laugh cuz sometimes I really just don't have it together.

Anyway, I go to the guy and I’m all, “I’m here to see Wild Goose Dreams.” and I come to find out I’m nowhere on the list because the show is actually the next night.

F**king headass.

This show caused my brain to flop all over the place like a damn fish:

the left of my brain picking up convos with

the right side, while also intermingling with

my center. So.
Imma write this way.

This show was weird, okay?

It made me uncomfortable, I think that’s why I liked it tho
This continuous use of the phrase “attention-grabbing”
shows up in every damn course I’m taking —
Attention-grabbing economy… blah blah
Attention-grabbing markets… ya know
Attention-grabbing millennials… bloop blop

So makes sense that it was
also infused into this random show I saw.
I actually appreciated the way
it was displayed.
Each ensemble represented
a different distraction,

you know
Just like apps on your phone float
waiting to be pressed.
Actors only spoke when reached out to
A grab of the phone, and they woke up

even no notifications served as an answer
Assumptions do lead to blank spaces
for ex:
white noise, silence, absence, longing, missing
specifically Fear
Fear of being ignored, perhaps
or simply Fear of being lonely
most likely Fear of death.

Though some people do Fear loneliness
the unknown…
Unbearable emptiness swallowing chaos
enduring a fall into a choking existence
When everything could disappear
enticing nothingness.

Then just a violent moment
followed by blissful silence.
What that person Feared the most,
is all of a sudden given to all
whom they cared for…

Two characters fell into
the most addicting distraction.
Each other

expecting to use love
as a temporary disillusionment —
seemed to cause insecurities to rise.

Real issues mask a world in anger,
and it’s easy to find ways around it.
But just because something is easy
doesn’t mean it’s made like that for you.

Oh, like a challenge to decide
whether to find the lesson
or fall victim to the lesson??

Yeah, there is a time
& place for escaping.
You’ll most likely lose
logic +
part of you, otherwise.

A fantasy world of someone’s creation
will only feed what they want it to be —
a bubble of mist blocking rationale...

a bleak existence caught
in an emotionless void

Okay, so much
bottled emotion suffocates;
these unaware souls
might cause turmoil.

Yet consequences lay
at the End of Unbalance.

i think this show tackled
positives and negatives
of assumption,
imagination &
escaping reality.

The lights were so pretty
And the actors sang??
Didn’t expect that.
Just randomly
hummed in a melody
then I was like

oh damn.
this a musical now… okaaay

Reality sucks
how do we
blame people who look to:
Social media
to escape? like….

that everything leaves you

well sometimes
my thoughts are vicious,
temporary fixes can’t do anything
maybe my bandages
contrast consistency?

Education is crucial
not just opinion based,
even things we don’t agree with,
I think about,

advocating alongside demons

So what the hell is going on in the world?
How do we effectively escape?
Am I the only damn anus who thinks this?

so educate you..
there’s too much shit goin’ on to have
any expectations really

Not saying that there are no selfless people
BUT let’s be real
If we talking stats,
majority of PPL suck a$$

Ultimately I aim to use escape
to my advantage.
As an invitation to investigate,
not to distract.
Only with this
will my art
mean something.

Oooohhh just as the
leading lady used
her imagination
to find solace
matched with
sudden sorrow
and death… I see

as an artist,
I strive to educate with my art,
or my life is as good as useless.

BS is in every corner,
I see
blindly fantasizing is too common
and self-destructive if not

Well, I fantasize about
the future though,
about change
casually destroying fatalism.
Like preexisting conditions
don’t have to exist right??
We CAN change it

i think

The way the world is
Is set for a reason.
Manufactured & processed
& sold by
*reduce reuse recycle*
old-ass wrinkled skin raisins
who glorify themselves for
making profit off of manipulating
common sense.

Yesss, acknowledging
paves the way
for solutions

and Distracting yourself from
Your insides & the World
Continues a cycle
predetermined for us
just force-fed distractions
pressure you to obedience.
You’re saying to absorb growth instead

yeah so Practice changing,
then correlate that to others.
Start small,
true to character
Bleed generosity
also self-care.

behavior you wouldn’t give out
shouldn’t be handed to you

so Stop Condoning BULLSHT
(in your head or out loud)

right under your skin

a cornucopia
of rapid racing imaginative ideas
challenge me every day
only because I let them

mhm actively working on me
gives purpose
not waiting for anyone
not settling
not condoning

just being.

See it:

Saw it?

Tell us about your experience.
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