Yvelyne @ 'Eve's Song' - the outside world creeping in

What’s it about?

The daily horrors of today’s political climate, from the ignorance of racism to just about everything else.

My experience.

This show took me on a journey that included a coming-of-age story, the struggles of minorities and ignorance. It started out by following a family handling a heavy divorce. That’s already tough because of how dynamics can change after such a drastic life change. Lauren, the oldest, then drops the bomb that she is gay.


During this time of change and transition, tensions rise within the family. As the story unfolds, we get historical poetry based on crimes committed against women of color next to funny innuendos and awkward moments that caused the audience — including myself — to laugh but are always followed by a deep breath. This show is heavy and unpredictable.

Though it was filled with many beautiful and painful points I can connect to, I was most moved by Lauren. Her curiosity about and introduction to herself was the most intriguing story line. I have this best friend who came out to me about a year ago. Honestly, I always knew, but I had to wait for her to allow herself the relief of saying it herself. She spent a good chunk of her life trying to fit into a mold that just wasn’t made for her. Once she set herself free, I gave her all the support I could muster — from compliments on her changed wardrobe to advice on the ladies. Much like Lauren, she embraced it. At first it was a bit hard figuring things out, but as her best friend I got a front-row seat to see her blossom into her true self.

There was a scene in the show when Lauren went shopping and bought a couple of men’s shirts and boxers to feel more comfortable. It reminded me of when my friend went shopping for 'better-looking' clothes. It was a total confidence boost. But also, when coming out you have to deal with ignorance. Lauren had a younger brother who simply didn’t understand what was happening to her. He said ignorant things like, “Are you the guy in the relationship?” He almost seemed to search for words that would cross the line. For my best friend, that person was her mom. She simply couldn’t accept that not all women love men. She blamed anything bad that happened on the fact that her daughter decided that men just aren't what she is into.

Another strong point this piece raised is the racial climate in this country. The son hid the fact that he knew what was going on. He watched news clips on his laptop, including horrid police shootings. Sadly, every time his mother or anyone else walked in the room he closed his laptop or pretended he was watching something else. There was even a time when his mother thought he was watching porn. It was almost taboo to know more about the horrible state our country is in. As the news went on and crime got to be more common, a crack in the wall of their home appeared. It enlarged as time went on. I almost saw it as the outside world creeping in — you can’t shelter yourself from the outside world forever. This reminded me of my mom in a way. Growing up she didn’t want me to know how bad things could get. From racism to just everyday awful accidents, she constantly held my hand. She thought if she was there, I would be safe and that I’d never have to deal with it. But like I said, the outside will inevitably creep in. Always.

The mother herself is harassed countless times at work. If it wasn’t the random man that followed her to work, it was her colleague trying to touch her. She just simply brushed it off as if it were unintentional, like a shove on a crowded train. I wanted so badly to scream to her, “Quit that job, it isn’t worth it!” Much like her screams for help, it would have fallen on deaf ears. I could feel the discomfort in the crowd as she described some of the scenarios she’d been through. “He called me ugly bitch," she explained about a colleague who got mad that she wasn’t interested in him. She later explained this to another colleague and they called her lucky that he’d be interested in someone like her. That’s just horrible.

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