POST: 'Mean Girls' - I had to tweet about this

What it's about

A Broadway musical based on the iconic film Mean Girls which features a girl from Africa who relocates to the USA, goes to High School and deals with fake friends, cliques and everything her new life has to offer.

My experience

I always knew Mean Girls had a cult following but I didn’t know the cult would show up dressed in full regalia. There were people in attendance wearing all pink from HEAD-TO-TOE like it was a party that you needed to RSVP to. It was pretty clear that I didn’t get the memo since I was in all black. I’m sure most of them were tourist who most likely planned their entire NYC trip around Mean Girls.

The production was astonishing, I was a little iffy because I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. They recreated so many iconic scenes and recited so many quotes like:

-       “She doesn’t even go here”

-       “You can’t sit with us”

-       “Oh my god, Danny Devito! I love your work!"

-       On Wednesdays, we wear pink!"

…and so many more. The audience was super excited. There were literally people screaming and cheering so loud at the most random moments that other audience members had to get an usher to come and assess the situation. In retrospect, I don’t really care now because I’m usually the most obnoxious person in the room but while I was in the audience it was kind of annoying.

The musical had so many positive messages despite how cynical and superficial it might appear to be. They spoke about how important it is to empower each other, how you should never dumb yourself down for anyone, how it’s so uncool for boys to leak private messages, the negative side of social media and a few more.

I honestly enjoyed the musical and I’m sure it will have a long run, but my favorite part of my experience has to be my encounter with the theatre. They literally transformed everything to be Mean Girls themed. Of course I had to take some photos!

Here's the outside

This door is outside and of course everyone and their mama took a picture here.

The mens bathrooms has a cute little sign.


I had to tweet about this phenomenon...


... and of course I had to #ClapBack

It's amazes me how they incorporated so much of today into this musical and I have to say it's really a MUST SEE, it's pretty .. y'know ... FETCH! 

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