POST: 'Lobby Hero' - Baby Boomers be warned

What it's about

This is a story about four very different people. Addressing how they communicate with one another, how their relationships evolve/devolve, and how they view themselves and those around them; all while uncovering a mystery in a shabby little apartment lobby. 

My experience.

I’ve been in a funk recently.

A year ago I would be unfathomably happy at the thought of getting to watch an Off Broadway show, let alone Broadway. But now, I shudder at the mere thought of leaving my house to sit in a cramped theatre where I would undoubtedly spend the next 2 hours subtly fighting my neighbor for the armrest.

I have been delving head first into music, novels, television, art, and cinema. Partly because I think art and media at the moment is recreating itself but also because I want to experience new things, be a better person and all that junk. So I don’t really understand why I’m so turned off from theatre right now.

Regardless, when I was presented with the opportunity to watch Lobby Hero, starring Michael Cera, Chris Evans, and Brian Tyree Henry, I jumped at the chance. I’ll admit my excitement about seeing this show was superficial and soooo millennial of me, but I couldn’t help it. I needed that Instagram story of the Playbill while specifically saying who is starring in the show. I wanted, no scratch that, needed the clout. Baby Boomers be warned; I am your worst nightmare.

It was awkwardly funny and came with a complimentary heaping pile of subjects I wasn’t ready to encounter on a Sunday afternoon. You see, this show dived into a lot of intense topics. From unfair prison/law systems set against black men, to work relations and harassment, to corrupt cops, to morality and values, to good vs. evil.

At certain points I had visceral reactions to the things that were happening in the show, a rollercoaster for the empathetic. I was literally ready to maul Chris Evans, verbally abuse Michael Cera, and hold Brian Tyree Henry’s hand and tell him it’ll all be okay. I believe the show presented itself as a question. I was left with a hypothetical that I am to mull over. So, as the curtains closed and the lights dimmed, I was left unresolved. 

When I consume content, I want to be upset and pushed exactly like this. So it really got me thinking as to why I hold myself back from consuming amazing content like this show. I don’t really have an answer to this question, do you?

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