Sasha @ 'Little Rock' - simply because of the color of my skin.

What's it about?

Little Rock is a play about the nine African American high school students in Little Rock, Arkansas back in the 1950's who were trying to enter an all white high school and move forward with the integration of white and black schools but had a very difficult time doing so because of segregationists.  

My experience. 

I sure did have an experience with this show and a great one at that! So, I was supposed to go and see this show on Wednesday, June 13th and I was excited as usual when I am headed to see a new show and I arrived a bit early so had to wait outside. The show was to start at 7:00. p.m. and literally at 6:50 p.m., someone, who I assume was the manager of some sort, came out and said "unfortunately the show is cancelled tonight due to an actor becoming sick". To be honest, I thought he was joking and was going to proceed and say "just kidding, come right in". Yea right LOL. I realized he wasn't joking when he looked nervous because of the reactions he saw from some of the other people. He was kind enough to let us inside and figure out ticketing situations.

Fast forward to Sunday, June 17th, I was able to get an extra ticket (which I am SUPER thankful for) to bring my dad to see this show since I was looking for a show to bring him to see anyways for Father's Day. 

Let's just say I LOVEDDDDD THIS SHOW (sorry not sorry for all the caps) and my father did as well! This show brought so many emotions out of us from laughter, to empathy, joy and being grateful. My dad even went on to say how great of a program I'm part of to be able to constantly bring him to the theater. Because of open doors back in high school and PXP through out college, theater going has definitely been a hobby my dad and I love and enjoy doing together!

My favorite part of the show had to be the church scene, where the Reverend used the audience as his church and made us all clap like we were actually in a church service and was preaching some good words of wisdom. Even though it was a play, I FELT what he had to say.

My favorite actors in the play were Minnijean and Jefferson who were both "Little Rockians" as they call them. I loved Minnijean because of her singing and the way she stood up for herself when she was being mistreated at school, which was actually wrong for the Little Rockians to do according to the NAACP. I loved Jefferson in the play because he brought light to all the situations throughout the play with his corny jokes for example, "Which state does the most laundry?....Washing-ton" . I actually hollered at all of these jokes! Sorry not sorry *shrugs*. 

This play made me realize how thankful I am for people like the Little Rockians because without their efforts, and other people of course, like the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many others, I myself would not be able to get an equal opportunity education and many other opportunities simply because the color of my skin.

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