POST: 'A Letter to Harvey Milk' - She’s lesbianka

What it's about

Harvey Milk, his butcher, a Lesbianka, and the tale of being gay and Jewish. 

My experience.

Hey Harvey,

It’s me - God.

I’m kidding! It’s a chick from Brooklyn that decided to write you a letter. 

So you’re dead.

But you already knew that. If you didn’t...this is weird. So, sorry.

But, good news is you are hella famous. So much that Broadway (which I imagined you probably loved - finger crossed) made a freaking musical about you. Well, you and your friend Harry. Anyway, point is I saw it today and I cried. Granted it was one tear, but this is rare for me.


Now that I think about it. Only two gay men have ever made me cry. The only other time I cried was when I saw A Single Man. It’s a movie about a gay man that ends up...well you never got to see it but I’m gonna pretend that where ever you are you’ll have a chance to see it, so I won’t spoil it for you. Get ready to sob, cause you - unlike me - have a heart. I’m also gonna imagine that you just said, « Thanks, hun ». « Hun « was a thing, right?

Ok, back to the musical about you.

I didn’t know you were into jellybeans like this. You’d appreciate the fact that at the end of the show, I was offered a lil’ bag of jellybeans - I thought they were condoms...


Whilst they aren’t my fave - I’m more of a gummy bear girl - but my mum loved them. When I told her about it coming from a show about a gay man, she paused. I got scared, but then she said, « They make candy? » HAHAHAHA

I’ll eventually get to tell her all about you and I’m hoping she’ll like you as much as I do. You’re not the first gay man I’ve brought home, so chances are she’ll like you lots.

By the way, Harry is so cool. I always thought it was weird that I’ve been friends with my local butcher since I was like 6 years old. But now I’m just thinking butchers are insanely amazing people to befriend. My butcher is from Poland, and weirdly enough he also kept candy for me. Mine weren’t jelly beans, it’s called Banaco. It’s basically banana flavored marshmallows covered in chocolate. He always gave me two when my mum sent me over to get stuff. I gotta start stopping by more often. I wonder if he has an email...I might send him a link to this...

Onto someone you didn’t get a chance to meet. Barb would have loved to meet you. She’s a friend of Harry’s, and she’s a huge fan of yours. She’s lesbianka. Harry made up this word for her, since Yiddish didn’t have a word for lesbian. The day you got shot was actually the same day she came out to her parents, so you’re a big deal for her. « He is everything to me » she said.

And now. Me.

Remember the whole crying thing. Well at this point I realize it can't be that random that I keep crying over gay men. Maybe some of my own confusions in you? Who knows, but whatever it is, I am grateful that you'd sacrifice your safety just to give people like us a voice. 

Thank you, hun. 



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