POST: 'Latin History For Morons' - "You Guys Are Morons!"

What it’s about.

A one man show starring John Leguizamo deconstructing history as we know it, and bringing to light Latinx history and its importance. 

My experience.

I’ve never been to the opening of a play before, so when I got tickets to see John Leguizamo in Latin History For Morons I was thrilled. So after about 45 minutes of waiting in line to get inside of the theater, I finally take my seat. The stage reminds me of a classroom in middle school. I know, very specific. LOL I say that because there is a chalk board, which is something that I personally have not seen for AGES. The anticipation is building up, I cannot wait for the show to finally start, and finally…it does.

John comes out, and his first utterance, I cannot help but think of Sid from Ice Age. It was so cray, like I saw all the Ice Age Movies, and Sid was always my favorite character, so it was bizarre to see the voice behind the lovable sloth. 

Seeing this show was essentially like a history class. But not your typical history class, because this was way cooler. I mean John Leguizamo was the history professor. 

When he gets on stage and everyone applauds loudly, he says something like…"Alright…no, don’t clap. Don’t clap. We don’t have time for that, because I have something I need to teach you. You guys are morons."

In 100 minutes, I learned more from John Leguizamo’s history lesson than any of my high school history teachers. That’s not of course, to bash my previous history teachers, I mean, its not their fault that history textbooks are filtered, and Latinx history is left out of the mainstream US historical narrative. All of this remarkable history has been left out of history textbooks. John Leguizamo shuts down the “morons” who do not know this history and may be quick to say that we (Latinos) need to “get out,” or that we have made no contributions to this country except bringing in drugs and crime. #ThrowingSubsAtYouKnowWho

I will say, that as a Latinx person myself, seeing this show was so empowering. Like John’s son (played by John) in the show, I too, was oblivious of Latinx heroes. I left the theater #woke and proud to be a part of the Latinx community.

For instance, did you know that Latinos have contributed in every single US war, since the Revolutionary War?! Neither did I, until I saw Latin History For Morons. I was one of those morons.

I am proud to be a Latinx person, and to those who wanna tell me otherwise, I will quote John Leguizamo when he says: “YOU DON’T KNOW ME.” Because those people are morons.

See it.

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