Julio @ ‘The Trump Family Special’ - I definitely also almost died

What’s it about?

America’s wonderful First Family gets put up on the big stage. Clearly thinking people aren’t laughing at them but rather with them. Ignorance must really be bliss.

My experience.

As per usual, I headed to the play after swim practice, self-conscious the whole way wondering if people were asking themselves why the train smelled like a pool. My commute from the Flatiron District to the Upper West Side was about as New York as you could imagine. I was treated to two Showtimes from none other than yours truly, the MTA acrobats.

The theatre was a block from the train, which was convenient, but I definitely also almost died after sprinting to make the light. It’s cool though, it’s almost natural to get hit by oncoming traffic in this city. I don’t think a driver or I would even blink twice before moving on with our lives.

The theatre was on the second floor of a restaurant, which was pretty cool. The inside brought some ‘70s vibes. Its dimly lit interior was decorated in deep shades of red bringing the intimacy and finesse of those scenes from the movies, you know? Where the aristocrats of society enjoy a nice steak tartare during the performance of a singer with two cans of hairspray in her hair. I loved every inch of It. The seating kept up with that aesthetic. The tables were made up perfectly—perfect for a nice date for all you guys out there looking to find something new and classy to do. A comedy and some drinks always do the trick!

There were a couple of waiters going around getting people’s orders and, after a nice long workout, I rewarded myself to some Montauk IPAs. Now, they do have a two-drink minimum, which…yeah you probably should have that notice in NYC.

When it comes to the show, it had great laughs from the beginning, a mash-up of a comedy and musical, its jabs at Trump were hilarious. From his kids’ dance numbers to appearances by his multitude of wives to his lack of compassion for anyone besides himself, the show captured the brilliant mess that is the Trump family. Musical numbers combined with the ever-refreshing (and never-ending) tweets from the President himself. Tweeting about his most current wife, Melania, and how golfing on the 3rd hole reminded him of her. What even? For all those who humor themselves with how ridiculous the First Family gets sometimes and want a great evening or a great date night, this show’s for you.

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