Julia @ ‘Wicked: The Musical’ - giving me Harry Potter and Winx Club feels

What it’s about?

When the Wicked Witch of the West uses her powers for good, the government makes her an outcast.

My experience.

To anybody that doesn’t think they’ll win a Broadway Lottery – I’ve won like 4 times. Just do it.

I never had a big desire to see Wicked. I didn’t really like The Wizard of Oz to begin with, but lots of kids at my high school would bring it up once in a while during conversation for no reason and it kinda pushed me away from ever wanting to see it.

But, I’m a big fan of magic and I’m a sucker for the main character being the most powerful witch/wizard/whatever for no reason at all.

The fact that the character goes to a school of magic and the main character is the most powerful being in history kept giving me Harry Potter and Winx Club feels. I had only watched the Harry Potter films to know what Harry Potter is like, but Winx Club was my shit when I was a kid.

But anyways there was one big thing that really bugged me.

There were no people of color.

At all.

 I mean logically, if the munchkin people lived far from the equator where the sun rays are farther away, to have made the skin of the people dark then that would make sense. But there is no explanation for that in the play. Also, it’s a fictional world – nobody would raise an eyebrow that darker skinned munchkins exist in the play. It’s not a play about skin racism anyways.

Maybe there were light skinned people of color in the ensemble at some point and I know there was one black Elphaba but in my opinion, that isn’t enough. Maybe there were some people of color in the ensemble at my performance, but I imagine they passed off as a white because I couldn’t recognize them from my seat.

Take a look at Frozen: The Musical. They cast Jelani Alladin, a black man, as Kristoff and there are POC in the ensemble/swing while Arendelle is supposed to be set in Norway during a time where virtually everyone is white. And even Hamilton - the characters are based off white people, but POC play them. I thought the point of acting is supposed to be portraying a character as if the actor was them, regardless of their skin color.

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