Julia @ 'Gloria: A Life' - totally my cup of tea

What’s it about?

The ins and outs of the life of Gloria Steinem: activist, journalist, feminist and hero.

My experience.

As someone who loves reading feminist theory, I’ve come across the name Gloria Steinem many times in the past. TBH I never really looked into her, not even before the show. I just knew she was a big figure during second-wave feminism. So it seemed like seeing this bio show would be the perfect way to get to know her story.

Let me just say, the seating situation was deceiving. I came in thinking I had walked into heaven, but that was not the case. Each seat had a pillow on it and I thought my aching back was gonna get some sweet relief… but the proportions just weren’t right. My back couldn’t reach the back of the seat and my legs were in the most awkward and uncomfortable position. I kept moving in my seat every 10 minutes to find a comfortable position, but ultimately accepted my uncomfortable fate. On top of all this, I came in with a nasty cold. I know it’s a lot of complaining, but on a brighter note I was really glad the show turned out to be great. My suffering was not in vain.

Below are the hellish seats lol ⬇⬇⬇

source  - Gloria Steinem is actually in this picture: second row from the bottom, in the middle in a red cardigan.

source - Gloria Steinem is actually in this picture: second row from the bottom, in the middle in a red cardigan.

This show was totally my cup of tea. I loved how inclusive it was. They gave credit where credit was due, like the women of color who helped start the feminist movement, including Florynce Kennedy, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes and Wilma Mankiller.

I’m gonna be real with you: I don’t participate in marches and I don’t really donate money to foundations that focus on women. I don’t fully participate in the feminist movement, but I am grateful for those who do. Because these people face a lot of aggression — even violence — to fight for our rights. I feel like I somewhat participate by having conversations with others and sharing my own experiences. Sometimes that can be enough to change some minds.


“Social justice movements start with people sitting in a circle.”

from Gloria: A Life

Gloria Steinem went to events where women would let out their frustrations about how men treated them. These conversations and meetings helped with her writing and what she talked about in her speeches. They also emphasize how important it is for us as women to speak up and not let men walk all over us.

This one time in a class, some guy in my group kept hitting on me and saying really disturbing sh*t, despite me telling him I was not interested. I was told by my mother (who did not grow up with any sort of female empowerment in Russia) that I should not say anything to the professor because it would just cause more trouble, and that I needed to deal with it. I didn’t want to come to class feeling anxious all the time, so I ignored her and told the professor and he actually took me seriously. I never dealt with the guy again. Why should I have to suffer for his behavior? Honestly, the next time a guy does that to me, I’m gonna scream.

The second act was actually just a talk back. They allowed the audience to share whatever we wanted. There were a couple of people who mentioned they met Gloria — one woman even went to high school with her! They all praised Gloria for how inspiring she is in person. One woman said how she had been studying feminism and this play pushed her even further to go to law school so that she could dedicate her life to changing rape laws. A little girl even said she wanted to be an activist. Cute af.

I understand that some people have a hard time taking feminism seriously. Sure, women might have a lot more power now, but people also claim feminism is just a waste and you don’t need a movement to feel empowered. Although I may not agree with them, I understand it. It’s very hard to change the perspectives of those around you.

To the girls and women who don’t feel like feminism matters, it’s okay. We’re still gonna fight the system and have our voices heard. You’re a human being and you deserve to be treated like one!



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