Jazmin @ 'Pushkin' - "Starve for your Art or Sanity is Stability?"

What's it about?

Pushkin is a famous revolutionary poet who was constantly in debt. Gambling the little money that he made off of his literature, but he has a beautiful wife that brings him trouble. And her sister maybe even bringing more problems...

My experience.

So, I decided to take to Instagram about my experience at Pushkin...

"Starve for your Art or Sanity is Stability?" and "If you're willing to starve for your art, you'd never be hungry again. T or F?"

Then after the show: 

"Have you ever loved someone you had no business loving?"

Seeing this show was inspiring. My choice is 'Starve for your Art'. But after seeing the explanation of others alongside the show, I feel like I have to be WILLING to starve for my art but the Universe/God will just align it in a way that I have to put in hard work and maybe struggle but it wouldn't be without purpose. Pushkin didn't necessarily starve, although he was in debt, because he had hundreds of important people that believed in him. 

Also seeing sis' answer about capitalism and art made me think. Similar to Pushkin, his attitude he didn't really care how much money he made because he knew the quality of his work held recognition in itself. 

Now for the juicy stuff... woah, so his love with his most desired wife ended up dying out but his sisters were promised to move into his house to find a husband at a ball that the rich and famous go to. But one of the sisters always seems to find her way into his private study... Now you see how that can be a problem right?  

His art was so beautiful, I almost didn't care about his adulterous character. SMH. Always be aware of the "artsy hoes." I would love to fall in love with someone so passionate about the arts... but not if they're my sister's husband and father to her kids. I did fall in love with his character though. He looked me straight in the eyes and I could melt. Words are truly deceitful. Never date a poet.

"Stained glass words are admirable to look at but they still shatter when not supported..." 


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