Houssaynatou @ 'It Came from Beyond' - A never ending show

What's it about?

A 1950's musical that takes you back in time to the era of suspicion.

My experience.

 I always wondered how life was without the many resources we have now. I mean, I can't even imagine life without Google.

Steve is an aspiring scientist and he is trying to crack a code that has long been unsolved. Cracking the code is important because there are aliens trying to invade the U.S. and Steve is trying to stop that from happening. I guess the worst fear for America is for aliens to come down from space and kill us all. That idea has always been persistent in our media but of course it has been dismissed numerous times. But I look at it as you never know what lies beyond human capability. 

Steve's high school rival continued to be his rival well into adulthood, because Steve is in communication with the aliens trying to invade Earth. I guess the writer of this play was actually trying to give us a glimpse into life in the 1950's. But than again, this is from the perspective of one individual and not the entirety of the baby boomer generation. My parents were born in the 1960's but grew up in a whole other continent (Africa), which is nothing like America. From what they have shared with me, life was "normal" minus the racism. 

It took some convincing for others to believe that Steve's rival was in on the aliens invading America. Eventually he did and Steve was considered a hero for saving America. The title of 'hero' seems to be given to whoever does any act of kindness. For example, Jason Seaman — the Noblesville West Middle School science teacher who stopped a shooter in his classroom and took three bullets in the process last week. Though many will consider that a heroic act, to him he did what was right. It truly comes down to morals as opposed to selfishness. The media's response is to of course take everything out of context, by labeling him as a hero. In my opinion, it is absolutely wrong on their part because to that individual, it is just the right thing to do. Though the play was pretty far fetched from reality, I guess in the writer's mind that is how his upbringing in the 1950's was like. 

The show was not necessarily my cup of tea because I felt like there was too much going on at once. The stage was already small enough, so dancing and multiple props on it was overwhelming. It felt like it was a never ending show, so unfortunately I decided to leave early.   

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