#HALLOWSEEN 🎃 Allysa @ ‘Bloody Deed of 1857’ - I THOUGHT I had accidentally joined a cult.

What is it about?

Yes, Bloody Deed of 1857 was about a bloody murder that occurred in 1857. It was a whodunit situation where we tried to solve the murder mystery.

My experience.

I went to the designated meet-up site and was asked if I had ever been to a séance. Then I was sprayed with incense and brought into a building with the other audience members, where we were asked to hold hands and “call upon the spirits.”

At that moment, I thought I had accidentally joined a cult. I sat down, the lights went out and the man sitting on my right suddenly disappeared. I got really scared. I thought this was one of those instances where people in the room slowly disappear one by one until there’re only two people left. I thought that it was some sort of interactive murder hunt where you were all locked in a room and had to find the “murderer” among you.

My bag also got lost at a point in time when the lights went out and I screamed bloody murder! (For those of you wondering, it was returned to me later with everything intact.)

Guess what happened next? The man who was sitting next to me (and who had walked in with me) was actually an actor! While the play was unfolding, since that chair was empty, the actors all took turns sitting next to me! At that point, I was grinning from ear to ear. I felt so special, but a part of me couldn’t help wondering if I was sitting next to the “murderer.”

In fact, at one point I actually was!

But I’m not about to spoil this for you ;)

What I can tell you is: This play is based on the 1857 murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell, which graced the society pages in its time. It remained unsolved — until now. Who could have done such an act? Was it his lover, the psychic widow or the mother of the lover?

Want to know who it is? There’s only one way to find out! You will have to witness the haunting for yourself. Happy Halloween!

now closed. no worries we gotchu!

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