Julia @ 'Heartbreak House' - I duped myself

What's it about?

The audience is stuck somewhere with a bunch of actors from WW1 and they decide to put on a play to lift everyone's spirits during the war.

My experience.

As soon as I stepped in, I did not see one person under 40 in the room. I literally thought the show was gonna be a snooze fest, but I told myself that the very first show I saw with PXP had a bunch of old people in the audience as well and it was actually amazing. That was not the case here.

I was pretty much annoyed by the entire show. Everyone had a British accent and spoke with big words and so I had trouble understanding what they meant half the time. It was like hearing someone recite The Scarlet Letter or The Constitution and trying to sound all fancy.

Editor's Note (Cheyanne): The Scarlet Letter and The Constitution used in one sentence? I'm intrigued but also borderline confused since to me, they are on TWO very different levels of literary difficulty? Just me?

The beginning of the play started with the actors not playing their Heartbreak House characters, but as actors who's shows were disrupted by the war going on outside as it was set during WW1.

I did not feel like I belonged. There were sing alongs with songs I had never of heard before and I just sat there pretending to sing wishing for this hell to be over. I do not like not being in control of a situation.

During the actual play, I found myself wanting to see two particular characters only - the first being Lady Utterword. She was this glam girl who married a rich man and went to live in Australia leaving behind her family and coming back at this particular time when the character Ellie was getting married to Mangan - a man as old as her father and her father's boss.

She had this nasal, but eloquent voice and made everyone her bitch. It was always funny seeing her get angry with her brother-in-law and how she was always yelling "Randall!" in the most dramatic way.

The 2nd, Nurse Guinness/Billy Dunn, who was played by the same actor. This man was a gift to this show. It was hilarious to see him switch back and forth between the two characters and showing comedic distress. The nurse would eat crackers from a pocket in her apron and he made sure to take one out in a dramatic fashion whenever he switched to her. 

The rest of the show didn't really sit well with me mainly because of the dialogue. I didn't do my homework, so that's my own fault. I thought from the description it was gonna be an interactive type of play where the actors would get up close and personal with the audience. This isn't even the first time I duped myself. And I say I'm detail oriented?

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