POST: 'Harriet's Return' - we’re still not there yet

What it's about.

A one-woman show based on the private and public life of the legendary Harriet Tubman.

My experience.

I live for a show that effortlessly showcases black leaders and Harriet’s Return was nothing short of amazing. At first, I didn’t know this was a one-woman show. I thought there were going to be other actors involved playing different roles to support Harriet. I imagined this production would feature actors playing slaves, slave masters, and leaders who assisted Harriet in her successful journey to free over 300 slaves with the underground railroad.

When I realized it was only going to be Harriet, I took a moment and acknowledged how powerful this production really is. There’s so much meaning behind this show choosing the route to not incorporate other actors. It means so much more to me to feature just one woman because she took on so many roles by herself and she was just one woman.

One woman who decided to travel back and forth from the north to the south to free slaves. She was only one woman who served as a scout, cook, and a nurse during the civil war. She was only one woman when authorities offered $40,000 to anyone who could find and capture her.

For me, this play was more educational than anything else. It effortlessly shed light on the many roles that Harriet took on. A lot of people know that she freed slaves through the underground railroad but they don’t know that she worked in the Civil War and was nicknamed “the Moses of her people” for all the work that she has done.

After the show, I reflected on that harsh reality that race is still a major factor in the world we live in. There are still people who discriminate towards one another solely based on skin color. Considering how much blood, sweat, and tears were shed in order to create a better world, its disgusting that we’re still not there yet.

At the end of the day this show just made me even more proud to be Black and I was so glad to see it during #BlackHistoryMonth!

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