POST: 'Hamilton: The Musical' - It was a dream

What it's about.

A musical detailing the life of Alexander Hamilton, from his arrival in the American British Colonies, his participation in the American Revolution, and his government work leading up to his death in a pistol duel. 

My experience.

I have been trying for over a year to see this show. I heard the soundtrack not long after it was released the music alone made it my second favorite musical pretty quickly. 

I finally got to see it during the Thanksgiving weekend. Free from school, away from distractions and family, I finally got to see the show I have long sought after. And Holy God, it was worth every damn penny I dropped. 

I could not stop glancing around at every corner of the stage, there was always more and more happening away from the main characters. 

  • There's a bit where they pass a letter along to A. Ham from Washington and there's this beautifully choreographed sequence of everyone passing it up the stage to him, and you can see the letter stall when it gets to Burr cause he doesn't wanna pass it. 
  • There's a whole section of a dance number where all of the dancing extras start grinding on each other while Eliza is still normally ballroom dancing. 
  • Yo, King George has three songs, but he's in the show so much more and it's so wild every time he silently enters the stage. I spotted him quick and just started laughing. Then, there were random pockets of the audience that would start laughing as they spotted him, far in the corner, dressed fancy and pole dancing. 
  • When they hand the Reynolds Pamphlets out, they hand it to everyone, including a progressively shocked and quieting orchestra.. There's grinding, there's gloating. Jefferson is having a fucking ball. 
  • Every clinking of glasses, every beating-in-time of a mug on a table, every act of beatboxing... GOD!

Real moments of dropping the singing for emotion that just hits you hard (Eliza does a lot of that, and fuck it hurts every time). There's a whole extra, heart-breaking song not on the cast recording. I was aware of it, but I still was not prepared for the sadness. 

I was just enraptured by every moment. I wished that I could pay attention to every little moment and movement, hated when a scene ended cause I knew that I had missed something. This is what I hope for from the big productions like this. I've gotten it from Chicago, and I got it a thousand times greater here. 

Here? I could identify individual ensemble members as they progressively added to the background. Every detail blew me away at pretty much every possible angle. It was a dream seeing this show and I would happily drop the money again one day to see it again. Oh, and I bought all the Hamilton pins available. I have an addiction and require help. 

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