Houssaynatou @ 'Goodbody' - a bad gal with no regrets

What’s it about?

A look into the mind of a woman during a murder. 

My experience.

I was so close to having the doors closed on me when I arrived to the theater.

I ran up those stairs and asked kindly (in my most baby voice and innocent face) to please let me in. They graciously did and I was so thankful for that. I would not know what to do if I couldn’t get in, because I don't like for a ticket to go to waste. When I entered the theatre it was packed and all eyes were on me because I think I had stalled the show from starting. Opps. Like seriously people calm down, lateness is bound to happen especially for a show.

Anyway, onto the show.

I did not expect what I ended up seeing. First off, I would like to mention the fact that there were so many F bombs being thrown around, I thought my ears were gonna fall off. I hate when people curse consistently as if it's apart of your everyday vocabulary. Don't get me wrong, I curse as well ,but only when I'm really upset. Here it was one after another.

Marla, the main character, has committed murder and was getting ready to commit another until she snapped out of it. She had suddenly lost her memory of why she was there and needed to be walked through it by the person she was about to kill. Spencer, the soon to be corpse, was holding on to dear life when he was given a second chance. I truly believe in your moment of vulnerability and weakness, a miracle happens. Now it may be luck or faith, but I look at it as faith because for me there is a God. At times I beat my self up for not praying, because I know that at my lowest point it is when I will need him the most. Spencer, ironically got on his badly injured knees and prayed to God asking if he makes it through this ordeal he will be a “good” guy from now on. I hope he kept his word, because God does not like liars!

So, Spencer walks Marla through the events leading up to the murder (she had killed someone prior), she can't fathom what she had done. Given her history, Marla is a bad gal with no regrets. For example, she consistently slept with a man (the guy she was about to kill) who also punched her in the face for giving someone a nickname! Which is why I think she wanted to kill him (in addition to breaking her heart). But, through the ordeal she was able to understand why she was forgetting things - she had amnesia. Her memory will go in and out depending on what she sees. It is so scary to have your memory slip away, because that is what connects you to your past and creates memories for the future.

The concept of lost memory itself automatically reminds me of Alzheimer. Lately this disease has been pushed to the mainstream because it's a horrible disease that is affecting many people. My grandmother suffers from this. My dad at times can't believe how much his mother has changed after being diagnosed. She can't even recognize him when she sees him. So with every encounter with her she is being newly introduced to him. It's very unfortunate to witness and I won't wish it on my worst enemy. It’s an insanely disorienting thing that can make you fear yourself.

now closed. no worries we gotchu!


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