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A Nigerian-American girl, Nkechi, comes to terms with death and imperfection.


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It’s pretty much a well-known fact that African-American parents are stricter than most, but no one can compare to Nigerian-bred parents.

Nkechi wanted to become a doctor all her life, at least she thought she did. She realized the medical field was no longer her passion, which led to her dropping out of med school. Her parents were trying not to hear that $h!%!

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Every chance they got they would remind her that she had to go back to med school. I feel like some parents look at their kids’ lives as a second chance at the life they couldn’t have. They feel as if they could fix all their issues and insecurities through their children. It was clear that Nkechi’s mom and dad were those kinds of “fixer-upper parents.”

HGTV - Fixer Upper  Image Source

HGTV - Fixer Upper Image Source

I never understood how parents could even be okay with forcing their dreams and aspirations onto their children when their child is noticeably uninterested and uninspired. I mean, wouldn’t every parent just want their children to make their own decisions? To be happy?

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Nkechi didn’t only have to deal with her parents basically giving her a rule book for her life, but she also had to face the loss of her childhood crush. She had so many questions about death, and what haunted her the most was wondering what the final moments of life are like.

They could be painful, they could be painless, they might feel like a big sigh of relief or something — I don’t know, I could only guess. One thing I do know is we all will experience it one day.

When you lose someone there’s always a hole in your heart that can never be filled. Nkechi was constantly gloomy while mourning and it seemed like it would never end. She had to cope with the fact that she would never get a chance to say anything to her friend again. My a$$ can’t imagine not talking to one of my best friends during the day, let alone never again. We literally talk all the time and just the thought of not having them around kills me.

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Death is inevitable and so is disappointment. You’re not going to be able to satisfy everybody, which is why it’s best to just DO YOU for as long as you’re on this Earth! Remember: YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RULES! YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS!

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