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What's it about?

A one-woman show that surely will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as she reflects on the most pivotal moments throughout her life.

My experience.

I’ve been telling myself that I want to see a show that has the craziest plot twist. I even wanted there to be a “Plot-Twist” tab on PXP Tickets website. Well... the Bible does say “Ask and you shall receive” because this show was exactly what I’ve been asking for.

Carey Mulligan is the actress who embodied the role of a documentary film-maker and a mother of two. She stood on stage and took us through an unforgettable journey without an intermission. At the beginning of her performance, she talked about the relationship she had with her husband. Of course, she was happy and in love.

Her and her husband would go to bars together and she was the type of woman who didn’t take herself too seriously. She witnessed her husband and a woman lock eyes and she made a joke that he basically found his soulmate in her. I could tell she’s the type of person that could turn anything into a joke, kind of like me. There were so many moments that had the audience rolling!


During her first pregnancy, she didn’t know if she wanted to have an abortion. She didn’t know if her husband was the right guy to have kids with. When she told him that she was pregnant, to her surprise, he was thrilled and had the biggest grin on his face.

It really is a beautiful thing to have children with someone you love. To create a whole LIVING being from two bodies through love I mean WTF!!!!!!

Little did she know she should’ve listened to her gut feeling because her husband turned out to be a f$#*ing monster!

She had a feeling that he was having an affair and expressed that she wanted a divorce. In that moment he said “There will never be a time where you have my kids and I don’t. You will never take my kids away from me.”

During the confrontation he told her that he didn’t cheat and she believed him. There was a wrench thrown in their relationship and she didn’t know what it was until he said “Don’t you have to go get some award or something?” In that moment she knew that jealousy overtook him and there was no way this relationship would work if he was obsessed with being jealous of all her success as a documentary film-maker.

The next day, she stayed at a hotel with her kids and moved into a ‘flat’ within the next week!

I was so happy for her! Yes, girl leave that dusty, jealous man!!!!!!

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*SPOILER ALERT* Then…. Well everything took a turn for the worse. After she moved out, her husband didn't see his kids for a few months. One night, he called the babysitter and convinced her that he would take care of the kids for a night. That night, he killed both his kids with a hunting knife. He stabbed them multiple times and even slit one’s throat and stabbed the other in the heart. Some audience members actually left because the details were so gruesome. She expressed that the amount of blood could fit in a large salad bowl.

Editor's Note (Christine): WOW, the ID channel is SHAKING!
Editor's Note (Cheyanne): My face when I read this ----> 😲😲😲

I was in shock. I didn’t expect this. The theatre was silent, I couldn’t even hear anyone breathe it was like no one was in this theatre but me and Carey Mulligan.

At the end of the play, she talked about some statistics and explained that 95% of people who kill their family members are men. She said that men only do this to show control, to show power, to show they’re in charge. Every day she thinks about her kids and she joined a discussion group with other parents who lost their children. I've realized that you really never truly know a person. He physically killed his kids and it permanently scarred Carey for life.

This world is a dangerous place and I definitely won’t be taking every breath for granted, and neither should you.


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