Gemma @ 'Consumption' - the disease that is love

What’s it about?

Inspired by the true story of Elena Hoyos and Carl Von Cosel, Consumption follows five disparate but intertwining couples who fly through time and space to ponder the disease of love.

Elena Hoyos

Elena Hoyos

Carl Von Cosel

Carl Von Cosel

My experience.

Things you’ll encounter, and not necessarily in this order:

  • A cute baby 👶

  • A completely transformed interior of The Beverley Social Club 🏠

  • Red wine 🍷 🍷

  • A guest book 📖

  • A coffin ⚰️

  • Train issues 🚆😤

  • A non-working piano 🔇 🎹

  • A fake joint 🚬

  • Pre-show pondering at yummy Austrian restaurant, Werkstatt 🇦🇹 🍽️

  • Rain ☔

  • My thoughts and feels on Elena Hoyos and Carl Von Cosel 🤔🤢


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