Miriam @ 'Frida Libre' - unconditional love and excitement diminished to irritation

What it’s about?

Frida Kahlo’s biography, monologue-style.

My experience (and my mom’s).

My mother-daughter date had finally arrived, and my unconditional love and excitement diminished to irritation. I had imagined sharing endless thoughts with my mom and having a memory that was just ours. But in the front row, my mom — as she always does — befriended the person sitting next to her. I snuggled up to my mom, hoping she’d speak to me.

Didn’t she come here with me?

As she giggled more with our neighbor I started to wonder: Oh man, I’m gonna be watching this show on my own, aren’t I?

I’m sure Frida Libre had other things to say, but the biggest thing that irked me was the romanticism of her husband Diego. Frida was known for being a woman who stayed true to herself, but in this show she was depicted as a woman who loved and stayed with a man despite it being a toxic relationship.

How could someone like Frida be willing to stay in an abusive relationship?

Immediately I thought about my mom’s marital situation. Did seeing Frida's situation make my mom think about my father’s infidelity? Was I about to hear her sniffle or feel her arms tense up? Was she thinking about him at all? I looked for any sign that might’ve shown that she connected to Frida’s pain, but every time I glanced at her, she showed no signs of sadness. Maybe she was able to watch the show without connecting it to her real life… unlike me.

You see, seeing this type of romance... it really screwed up my mind. Is this type of love really something to look up to? I got the impression that Flora Martinez, the playwright and star, seemed to think so or, at least, was unintentionally romanticizing abuse and playing it off as passion. Even now, after the show, I can’t see her point of view.

Frida Kahlo was in an emotionally abusive relationship; she expressed it and showed it in her art. But that doesn't make what happened to her acceptable. Often these relationships don’t end as "well" as it did for her.

Despite my confusion over Flora’s admiration of Frida’s love life, I did enjoy seeing how much Flora admired Frida herself. I saw Flora’s eyes light up as she answered each question with sincerity during the Q & A session after the show. She shared that she’s never felt as connected to a play quite like she is to this one.

With the final question left, I nudged my mom to raise her hand, I had a feeling she would come up with something — she always does. She peered at me and shot her hand up.

I knew it!

“Well, this isn’t a question, but congratulations. Your singing was spectacular and I truly learned a lot today. So thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to spend time with my daughter.”


Turns out that this mother-daughter date meant more to my mom than I imagined. The next day was full of boasting to her clients: “My daughter took me to the theatre yesterday!”


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