Meytav @ 'Firebird/Afterite' - something very magical

What's it about?

Firebird is a piece about a man looking for the love of his life after a spell was cast on her by an evil sorcerer to make her unrecognizable to her love. Afterite is a piece about a mother's strength and what she would do to protect those she loves. Also, I brought my sister along.

My experience.

I’ve learned to take a different approach with how I reflect back on a show.  It is no longer why I liked or didn’t like it, but rather having an appreciation for every piece of artwork I am presented with. Not focusing on judgement. I've come to the conclusion that it would be unfair of me to view a show through a critical lens when the product is already finished, so instead, I accept the piece as it is, and reflect on what it meant to me. 

The show Firebird/Afterite was a piece separated in two sections. In Firebird, a man was trying to find the love of his life among a group of women who were under some sort of spell by an evil sorcerer, and with time, the woman was able to recognize her love and break free from the spell. The most beautiful thing about this piece, was that a story was presented through dance, and not through spoken words that explicitly state the intention of the characters. As I don’t know much about the art of dance, I am sure I missed some stuff, but the overall message was clear enough for even a beginner like me to understand.

An important aspect for me is for a show to hold my attention and to include me in the piece, the fact that it was through dance only is unbelievable. Our attention span is so limited, so for a show to be able to engage me without words proves how special it is. There is also an element of satisfaction among watching this show, and getting a story out of it without it being explained, and that is most likely because this is only the second professional dance show that I’ve seen. I felt proud in my ability to not just see the movements, but what they meant as a whole.

Also, even if I were to not understand the story aspect of both Firebird and Afterite, there is something very magical about watching people move with so much fluidity and precision, which goes to show how beautiful the human body is, and how much it can do. With that being said, it reminded me of something my acting teachers use to tell us all the time, that everything we do or say is in relation to what we want. So, how we walk and present ourselves is so we can get what we want from the people around us, and watching this show reminded me of that since every movement was so specific and with intention.

My Sister’s POV:

Just walking into the beautiful theater of The Metropolitan Opera gave me high hopes for the show. It's crazy that just entering the theater with this mindset already heightened my experience.

When Meytav told me she was able to get me a second ticket to see a ballet, I was so EXCITED since I’ve been telling her for months how much I wanted to see a dance show, and she finally got me a ticket! For starters, the main focus I had between Firebird and Afterite were the colors, and that was what drew me in, but also what made me lose focus.

For example, Firebird was the first part of the show, and it was full of bright and vibrant colors, and that captured my attention and allowed me to follow the story more easily. The colors in this piece were so significant since they were able to present the characters so clearly. The firebird was red and it was able to hold dominance over the evil green sorcerer.  With having such specific colors for different characters, even though I don’t know much about dance, I was able to follow the story with ease.

On the other hand, Afterite was all neutral and nude colors, so although the dance movements were beautiful, my eyes would often lose focus as all the dancers seemed to blend together. Also, in this piece, there seemed to be a lot of different dances happening at at once, and since they were all in the same nude color, I never knew which to focus on, and that left me feeling disconnected from the piece I was watching. The attraction of colors ended up being a huge factor in my viewing of this show, and the contrast between vibrant colors and neutral colors threw me off.


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