Alondra @ 'Fat Asses: The Musical' - social media makes me a somebody

What's it about?

"Fat Asses: The Musical" centers around three women who feel that they have been excluded from society due to their weight. 

My experience. 

One of the issues that was highlighted in the musical was the lack of representation for full-figured women in the media. This pushes the women to confront the creators of a high-end fashion magazine known as Gaunt and demand to be on the cover of the magazine. In the second half of the musical, Meredith, the creator of Gaunt has a line that states "three million subscribers tell me I'm somebody". This was my reaction...

Although the line seemed a bit outrageous, there is a bit of truth to it. Today, we live in a world that revolves around social media. We create false narratives of what our lives really look like. Come on, we've all lied about something on social media.   #BowWowChallenge

Why do we it? Because we want to feel accepted and included by others. We project false images of ourselves in order to gain a following, to feel like we are a "somebody". We compare the way we look, dress, eat and live to how others do. For some reason, we want to feel validated by the person behind the screen. We force ourselves to look like the girl with more than 100k followers. We convince ourselves to buy the products that we believe will make us into the new Kim Kardashian. 


   When in reality they use this...

Perfection is unrealistic and unattainable. This is why we should not be comparing ourselves to the images we see on social media. The people in those images don't even look like that. That shit is nothing but photoshop, filters and the only good picture out of the 100 selfies they took. We all do it and that is okay. However, let's not dictate the way we look based on social media. We were all a "somebody" before it and we still are. 

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