Evelyn @ 'I Love My Wife' - are we a part of this show, too?

What’s it About?

Marriages and lifelong friendships are tested as two couples contemplate having a foursome to keep up with the sexual revolution.

My experience.

The small but cozy black box theatre was situated among myriad shops. My only context for this musical was that it involved a foursome, so I expected almost anything to happen.

As I entered, two sexy Santas strutted across the floor, greeting audience members and conversing with them about their day. There was a camera center stage where a photographer took snapshots of the audience as crew members encouraged people to pose with the sexy Santas. After the usual fire exits and turn-off-your-cell-phones announcements, the cast members walked on stage, gathered around the keyboard and began to warm up their voices. The typical vocal warm-up (if you've ever taken chorus, you know what's up) was conducted by the pianist. A few audience members mumbled their last pieces of conversation, unsure of whether or not the show was actually beginning. Suddenly, the performers burst into the first number, signaling the official start of the show.

This blur between the show and real life was a constant theme throughout the production which, considering its subject matter, could be classified as exhibitionist kink.

At the end of Act I, Monica (Genny Yosco, who also directed) strutted on stage, and the audience watched intently, assuming the story was going to continue. Instead she stated, “It’s intermission,” and we turned to each other in confusion. That was weird. But it also got me thinking: Are we, the audience, a part of this show, too? Since there seems to be a connection between the cast and the audience, how would each theatregoer’s reaction affect the whole mood of the show? Would each comment whispered count as being part of the overall experience? Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing this show. Who knows?

It felt like I was watching the X-rated version of Company (cringey musical), with ten times more secondhand embarrassment. During every confrontation, I found myself wanting to hide in my sweater until it was over. While it is a musical comedy, there were so many tension-filled parts that I wasn’t sure if I should laugh nervously or pity the characters. After all, how would you feel if one of your best friends wanted to have sex with your lifelong partner? Not to mention, what if all of your friends and partners were both willing?

It was strange but hilarious to watch, and now I definitely know that a foursome is not my kind of fantasy. 

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