Julia @ 'Desperate Measures' - I looked on fleek, so I couldn’t blame him.

What's it about?

Johnny Blood is set to hang after shooting a man to death during a bar fight over the love of his life. But, mostly about me making eye contact with every actor on stage. 

My experience.

I had seen Desperate Measures about a year ago when my AP Music Theory Teacher announced on his FB that he was playing guitar in the ensemble. He gave me comp tix then and I had actually missed the first half hour of the show - thanks to my train being stuck inside a tunnel. 

The show was absolutely brilliant. It became my favorite piece of musical theater ever. I follow all the actors on Instagram and I feel like one those dedicated followers who gets to see them grow.

I wanted to bring someone along to get to experience the show, but in the past months that I had been asking around, nobody had the time. It was only until the week I saw it that my mother had a day off the day I did and she bought tickets for us cause she wanted to see why I kept talking about this show. We had no idea where we were gonna sit until we showed up.

First row.

My neck hurt from looking up the entire time and I thought somebody was gonna fall on me when they were all running around on stage but it was awesome. I felt like all the actors could see me and notice me – and holy moly, some of them did. I'm pretty sure the governor, played by Nick Wyman, and me had a stare-down during one of his songs. He was making these gestures to not creep me out and eventually asked me to hand over my playbill to sign. My mom gasped. I paused for a few second, trying to process what was happening.

“Make Arizona Great Again,” He said as he moved his pen around the playbill. He gave it back, but not a single dot of ink was on the playbill. I didn’t even care, I just laughed.

Even the bad boy himself, Johnny Blood, noticed me. During his opening song, I noticed our eyes were locked for a few seconds as he was holding out a dramatic note *sigh* That too took time to process.

It was at the beginning when everyone was on stage singing about Johnny’s doom. He shot a man in self defense, but was set to hang and he was singing about wanting to be free. It felt like he got lost in his own singing and his eyes eventually wandered back to me. This was the day I dyed my hair dark red and I looked on fleek, so I couldn’t blame him. I literally saw him shake his head to remind him he was on stage. I told my mom this right after he finished singing and she rolled her eyes.

It was exactly like that time I went to a One Direction concert with my best friend and sat really close to the stage. Harry Styles was walking near our section and she started crying because she swore he smiled and waved specifically at her. I hugged her, but didn't really believe her.

Oh how the tables have turned.....

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