Houssaynatou @ 'Dan Cody's Yacht' - I was spoiled growing up

What it's about?

A father's desperate motives to keep his son from turning into a privileged slacker.

My experience.

I seemed to have a perfect seat, but by the end of the play, I regretted it. Every time a line was said by a cast member, this gentleman will burst out laughing even though what was said was not funny. In addition to his obnoxious laugh, he would clap at the end of his laugh. So many heads were turning and you could see the annoyance on many audience members' faces, including mine. At one point, the couple sitting next to me left and sat on the other side of the theater. As time went on, the laughter stopped and to my surprise, the gentleman fell asleep and did not wake up until the show ended.

About 20 minutes into the show I found out that 'Dan Cody's yacht' was actually a reference to the movie The Great Gatsby. Dan Cody was an ambitious young man that came from nothing but strived to become successful. So of course with an ambition like that, he did any and everything to get to that point in his life.

That is practically the life story of Kevin O'Neill.  He achieved status, had a wife and son, and than later realized he was gay and decided to become a single parent and raise his son. What a life story! I think coming out at an older age must be harder than when you are younger. I think that when you're older, you are already established and have likely already come terms with your sexuality.

Though Kevin has practically everything he wanted, his son is the only one that is holding him back. His son does not have the drive Kevin had when he was younger because he never struggled. Struggle is real and it can make you do crazy things. But one should never forget where they started because if it was not for it, they may have never gotten to where they are now. Though I am not privileged by any means, I was spoiled growing up. But it hit me during the 2008 recession, that my family was struggling but hid it from me in order to protect me from thinking that. I think parents go above and beyond to protect their children so I absolutely respect what my parents did. But when I was old enough to realize how struggle felt, it hit me like a ton of bricks. But of course, love and strength conquers anything and I'm proud to say I'm still standing.

If you come from struggle, you would expect to eventually give back to those who are currently struggling so that they can achieve what you did. But that was not the case for Kevin. The town he lives in is practically divided between the 'haves' and 'have nots'. So when the community board proposed to merge the only two high schools in order to give all students the opportunity to succeed, Kevin refused to support it. He thought that there was a reason the schools were placed in those areas and that merging them would bring unwanted people. I was shocked because that is a perfect example of how so many things such as education are not equal for all. Education is a right, not a privilege and the U.S. is fortunate enough to acknowledge that unlike many countries in the world. But, I'm well aware that people like Kevin and situations like this are all too common around the country. No one wants to give a chance to those who can't help but be born into a situation they did not ask for. In this case, it is children who are ultimately suffering from this and only the parents have the power to change that for their child. But it takes two parties to make a change and it is the parents and local government.

Privilege can be something you are born into or acquire over time. But for the case of many disadvantaged people, race is taken into affect and now, many more barriers are placed in front of you to deter you from even trying. I'm glad that I pushed those barriers aside and will continue to do so until I achieve my own version of success.

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