Angelisse @ 'Hurricane Party' - The only thing he was missing was a stripper pole


A very sticky affair that is taken out of the dark into the light in the midst of a hurricane party. No, the title is not a play on words. The title is literally the play - a drama filled party that occurs during a hurricane.


Where do I begin? First off, I chose to watch this show because I love romance and I love comedy and this was ABSOLUTELY a combination of both. I thought that I was going to walk out disappointed, I honestly don't know why. But, sure enough I enjoyed it. So much.

Once it was over, I immediately had to call my boyfriend and tell him about it. I laughed so much, I had tried not to scare anyone in the theatre with my random bursts of laughing, but I couldn’t wait to tell someone about this show. I imagine this is what I looked like:

Ok, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration but honestly, it was HILARIOUS to me. I sat next to a couple who thought it was just as funny and at some points during the show it was quiet and all of sudden - just this man next to me laughing.

This play was full of drama. It kind of reminded me of a novela (Spanish soap opera). Hidden secrets, lies in a marriage and literally things that would end any marriage in seconds.

SO much tea being spilled.

A part where I really couldn’t hold my laughter in was when one of the female character’s husband was having a dance off…with himself! He was already drunk and the party had not even started but he decided to start off drinking on his own first. A real joy to be around. He blasted music and started to dance like nobody was watching. The only thing he was missing was a stripper pole. It was the BEST dance moves i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Then there was the store cashier. She doesn’t make her appearance until maybe halfway through the play but her personality was so interesting. She was so open about speaking upon the drugs she carried around with her and how her bag was the land of everything. I also picked up a lil girl crush action with her and the main character. Finger crossed I wasn’t wrong ;)

This play is definitely for mature audience ONLY. I wouldn't advise you to bring any children with you lol. The reason why I say this is because the jokes are almost always sexual. Also, the opening act is a sex scene. Maybe that’s why everyone looked at me weird when I first walked in. I have such a baby face, they were probably concerned. 




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