Meytav @ 'Come From Away' - It never even crossed my mind

What it’s about?

A musical about how 9/11 affected people from all over the world, and how they helped one another get through it.

My experience.

To say that I knew about the events that happened on 9/11 would be a very general statement, since it would be an outsider’s perspective — I only heard about it years later through many secondary sources. But it would also be very general to say it only affected the people in New York City. It did a lot more than that.

Coming into Come From Away, I didn’t know what to expect from a musical about such a catastrophic event in United States’ history. And yet, even if I knew everything about 9/11, this musical would have still surprised me. I thought it would be about what happened in New York City, but it focused on how 9/11 affected people flying from all over the world. It never even crossed my mind that air traffic control would stop their flights because of 9/11. In my mind, if it was geographically so far away, why would it be a problem? But through seeing the safety precautions that were presented in this show, I finally grasped how much this impacted the rest of the world.

The impact 9/11 had on other flights wasn’t what I got from this; what I learned was how much everyone is willing to help one another in times of need. I know this shouldn’t be shocking, but it was, especially since in people’s daily lives they are only concerned about themselves and act as if nobody around them even exists. The world has become so fast-paced and technological that it’s so easy to zone everyone out and just listen to music or text on our phones. But when all of that is stripped away and people begin to look at one another again, they become more empathetic and...human. Now add a tragedy into the mix and everyone is willing to help others — and the beautiful thing about that was that the people didn’t actually know what this tragedy was. All they knew was that everyone was scared and that they had to stick together.  

Our natural instincts aren’t to keep to ourselves but to be there for others, and I feel like we need more of that, and not just in times of need. If this was the message that I got, I truly hope that others see it that way too, that we can all begin to be there for others, no matter what the situation. Everyone needs someone to be there for them, and it shouldn’t take a terrorist attack for people to finally care for one another.

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