Christine @ 'Thom Pain (based on nothing)' - Get ready for sadness!

What’s it about?

Me trying not to picture Michael C. Hall as a serial killer for an hour and 20 minutes. Also, a man’s existential crisis sprinkled in with some depression for good measure.

My experience.

Let me just start by saying that it doesn’t matter what Michael C. Hall is in, I will never skip out on a chance to be in the same room with him.

#Dexter for lyfe.  

Now, if you think my love for Michael makes be biased, nuh-uh. This happens to be a show that has an existential crisis sprinkled in with some depression for an extra kick — my kinda show. As a pessimist myself, I love me some sad-a*s people telling me all about how flawed everything is. I may sound crazy to normal people (what is normal anyway?), but seeing things like this always makes me appreciate happy times in my life a lot more. It’s like vicariously living through a fictional person’s pain so that I don’t have to get the full hit of my own. Wow, that sounds a lot worse now that I typed it out.

It may also be the result of a four-year-long struggle with clinical depression that created this mechanism, but I’ve learned to appreciate all the good things that happen to me… like seeing Michael C. Hall on stage.

I would say depression aside, but nah. Not with this show. Get ready for more sadness!

So, I was sitting there waiting to see my king (trying not to picture him as Dexter) and all of a sudden the lights went out. Like an audible blackout. So, naturally, as a paranoid American, I was like, we are gonna die. Turns out it was just a dramatic af introduction. It was actually (I’m laughing as I write this cause I know it’s gonna sound bad or sad or whatever, but it was SO dark okay?) like being in a depressed person’s mind — just a black abyss of emptiness. Well, that’s legit what a black abyss is, but you get it. REAL DARK. Then, all of a sudden, there was a lil’ click. Then, a flame. Then, Michael C. Hall. And then he said the most mundane thing, but like to me, I felt it in MY SOUL.

“How wonderful to see you.”

Hella intense for no reason really, but I loved it. He is kinda the person I hope I was in a past life. I hope all of my cynicism comes from me being someone like him in some other time or realm. He is a total tease of a person. He’s the person who just asks really deep questions about your life, but as soon as you ask him about himself he’s just giving you yes or no. But, in a weird way, him not giving you much seems to tell you more about him. You are better off trusting his silence than running the risk of him making something up. Does that make sense? Hope it does.

Now, I’m not gonna pretend that this wasn’t disturbing at any point. I mean, when he said sh*t like, “Does it scare you? Being face-to-face with the modern mind?” I was like, “YES.” Even more terrified cause I’ve got one of those. I think it’s safe to say that nowadays we are too aware of everything, so much that it’s overwhelming just to live. It’s a time filled with corruption, violence and distrust. I wake up to more notifications about school shootings than I do to anything remotely good. You could say, “Oh, that’s cause the news chooses to cover the bad things over the good,” but then the question is why do we consume the bad news more than the good? They’re just going based on what the ratings tell them we want to see...

As I was leaving, there was a lot of chattering and people sharing how uncomfortable that was. But I think what made them feel so uncomfortable was the fact that, whether they’d admit to it or not, Thom Pain is a more accurate depiction of what we are inside than what we’d like to think.

People in pain.

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