Christine @ 'The Other Josh Cohen' - very, “you’re the master of your own fate”

What’s it about?

Josh Cohen just got a hefty check with his name on it, but it came all the way from Florida. Josh doesn’t know anyone in Florida.

My experience.

Okay, wow. I was preparing to be annoyed by cheesy songs for 90 minutes, but this was not what I imagined it would be.

First of all, can I just say, when I went to see the show I had an abnormal number of twin sightings. I started my morning by seeing The Parent Trap (cuz why not?), then when I was on the train I saw twin toddlers (who then proceeded to climb all over me...😒), and then ANOTHER pair of twins (or maybe they just looked a lot alike, can’t really confirm that one…) and then THIS SHOW.

Well kinda. Let me explain.

So, there is a present Josh Cohen and a past Josh Cohen. Old Josh has a few pounds on him and a pretty bad p*rnstache. And while new Josh is looking a bit better, they both wear my personal favorite: a red plaid shirt. Old Josh’s apartment just got ransacked and all that’s left is a Neil Diamond CD.

Now, I would say don’t hate me for not knowing Neil Diamond, but chances are you don’t either so... I googled him for us, but tbh I still only recognize this ol’ song:

Neil CD aside, old Josh’s life completely changes after he gets a REALLY generous check from some woman in Florida. He doesn’t know of any relatives in Florida so the check can’t be for him. The question then becomes, is it right to keep money that doesn’t belong to you? The catch is that in doing the “right thing,” Josh would be giving up the chance to get out of his financial issues. So, would it be so wrong to take the money since he really needed it?

Yes. Apparently, yes it is.

This whole thing was a very “you’re the master of your own fate” type of show. It’s not that I hate this type of morality tale, it’s just not my top choice. A lot of the time I kinda zone at these shows and, in all honesty, they just bore me a bit. Like yeah, being good is great, but Josh being rewarded for his goodness is, I think, way rarer than nothing happening after doing the “right thing.” The mother of the Josh Cohen the check was for ends up being so grateful for his good deed that she says she’d like to help him out. That then leads to new Josh being in a better place in his life and everything is all fine and dandy, aka I’m bored.

Oftentimes this is why I don’t see musicals. They’re often too unrealistic and just kind of blah for me. If anything, just stop by to see Darth Vader rip it on the guitar. That’s the only thing that really stuck.


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