Christine @ 'The Infinite Wrench' - A fu*ked up game of Cards Against Humanity come to life

What’s it about?

A ton of 60-90 sec plays that will either make you laugh inappropriately or confuse the hell outta you.

My experience.

This is f*king weird. But like, in a really good way.

This play — which should be in its own category tbh — was made up of A TON of other plays. Really short plays. I’m talking 2-minutes long.

I was in heaven 👼

It felt like being at a really weird game night. There is a string of plays — like literally plays attached by wooden clips onto a string that runs across the stage, and you gotta yell out the # of the play you wanna see. Like wtf? I’m jealous I never thought of this.

Now, all these plays really made very little sense, but they are also never gonna be erased from my head. Like one of them had tableaus of a dog and sex positions. Don’t be gross, the dog wasn’t like in them — just literally standing next to people in sex positions. Again, what? A lot of these are “what if” situations, ya know? Actually...I’m gonna make this a lil’ drinking game next time I’m chillin’ with my friends ;)

I keep thinking of different ways of describing this ‘cause I really don’t wanna tell you too much, because I really want you to go experience this weirdness. So here goes. This was like:

  • A fu*ked up game of Cards Against Humanity come to life

  • A dirtier version of that game we all played in high school drama class, Yes, and...

  • Drunk charades with strangers at a park… who are likely on LSD.

  • That one really personal speech that kid made during school lunch while running for Student Government

  • Memes just coming to life in front of me

  • Reenactments of @barstoolsports college videos

  • Gay lions — that one was a whole play

  • That inappropriate ‘Mean Girls’ Christmas dance

  • And finally, this vine:

Although I felt exhausted at the end of the show — mind you, I just sat for about an hour — I would go through that all over again  😂

See it:

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